Germany Muslim Rioting


Islamic monoculture smashes the Euru-multiculturalism mythos
Whether it’s in France, Holland, Sweden, Germany or the UK, the message is the same, Islam isn’t there to co-exist, it’s there to become the dominant force. The Tundra Tabloids has shown one video after another depicting just how the game is played, keeping the infidel state  off balance and out of their no-go areas is the prime objective for these Muslim hoodlums. Creating mass mayhem while crying victimhood has become their trade mark, Vlad Tepes has this to say about what you are about to view.
One German police officer is leaving the force to take a position in Afghanistan because the odds of being killed are the same but the pay is much better in Afghanistan. I do not know what is more frightening. The hordes of Muslims attacking German police for no typical motive, or the German intelligentsia insisting the answer is more social workers and understanding of the ‘root causes’. Watch this and send the link far and wide. This is civil war, and worse because the side of civilization refuses to admit it, or fight back and instead, wishes to spend more resources appeasing the enemy.”

Link: Berlin Police under siege2

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  1. KGS, absolutely correct. I find it truly amazing that the western world appears to be once again totally ignorant about its future. There is no such alternative as the western culture living side by side with the Islamic culture. It is one or the other.

    The western culture is seeking values such as women's rights, freedom of speech, equal rights, equality in justice, freedom of religion etc. None of these have any standing in the Muslim society, which always regroups with the hardliners. Hence, a future with the two cultures living peacefully side by side is an intellectual limbo refusing to see even the very basics of the conflict.

    While the west is obsessed with Israel's settlements which consist of a land area of about 200 km2 (14 km x 14 km), Europe has meanwhile been settled with settlements of some 20-30 million Muslim settlers (official, illegals is anybody's best guess). In Western Europe the number of Muslims is somewhere between 5-10% with country variations. However, these numbers do not reflect correctly the problem.

    While the median age of the Western European population is already above 40 years (= half of the population older than that) the same number concerning the Muslim population is about half of that. In some 20-40 years time Muslims will constitute close to 50% of the less than 20 year old population.

    How will the western values and Muslim values co-exist in that situation? The western values are not based on religion but on a consensus of moral values acceptable to a basically atheistic population that developed their world view in a Judeo-Christian environment. Hence, the values are not religious even though they may have a religious background in the past.

    The Muslim perception is purely religious as Islam effectively is also a political system for the believers. Therefore, it is extremely unlikely that the Muslims will make any concessions towards a consensus. It would violate the religion and the religion can not be changed. There are no examples of Islam accepting the western law as sovereign over sharia law. The opposite is true. Sharia is making ways to replace some of the western law codex already today in many European countries.

    Those looking hopefully for a multi cultural coexistence should take a closer look at the facts. The rules of co-existence will not be based on the western values. The co-existence between the two cultures will be based on sharia.


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