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Is there is nothing factual
about Obama’s private history?
Terrorist Bill Ayers:
When are you going to make me a czar?

Those of us who have been sounding the alarm about Obama’s background before he was elected to the White House, have often spoken about his relationship to Bill Ayers and a host of assorted creeps that make the skin crawl. Pamela Geller at Atlas Shrugs, Debbie Schlussel and others, as well as the Tundra Tabloids have followed one revealing story about Obama after another, and yet, the MSM have refused to do any serious digging, and vetting of the man voted into land’s highest office.

Here is yet one more nail into the myth of Obama as the gifted writer, and perhaps reason why nothing of his time at Harvard that would expose his writing style has ever been revealed, being closely held under lock and key. KGS

Last Friday we posted an article on these pages asserting Bill Ayers’ authorship of President Barack Obama’s ‘Dreams From My Father,’ based on claims made by Obama biographer Christopher Andersen. It is possible that we have now gotten direct confirmation of this from Bill Ayers himself.
Anne Leary of Back Yard Conservative was passing through Washington, DC’s Reagan National Airport yesterday, and was surprised to come across Bill Ayers at Starbucks: “scruffy, thinning beard, dippy earring, and the wire rims, heading to order.” She struck up a conversation with him and snapped the accompanying photo. (I interviewed Anne about it, and thank her for permission to run the photo she took.)
Ayers was in Washington, he told her, for a conference on education.
“That’s what I do, education,” he said. “You shouldn’t believe everything you hear about me… You know nothing about me.” To which she responded, “I said, I know plenty–I’m from Chicago, a conservative blogger, and I’ll post this.” I bet his heart skipped a beat on that one.
But he didn’t scowl, and didn’t run off as he has been known to do. Instead, unprompted, he blurted out: “I wrote ‘Dreams From My Father… Michelle asked me to.” Then he added “And if you can prove it we can split the royalties.”
Anne responded, “Stop pulling my leg!”
But he repeated insistently, “I wrote it, the wording was similar [to Ayers’ other writing.]“ Anne responded, “I believe you probably heavily edited it.”Ayers stated firmly, “I wrote it.”via American Thinker: Ayers admits writing Dreams.
And now B.Hussein Obama is the “Dear Leader”

The Tundra Tabloids broke this story last October in 2008. Even before Obama became president, there was indoctrination being done on his behalf, this time in a NC classroom, filmed by a Swedish film crew in the early months of 2008. Not only did the teacher scold a young student for her father being in Iraq, the teacher, Diantha Harris, was wearing an Obama election button on her shirt while cheerleading her students at the end of the video clip.

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