Israel Jerusalem


Christians from Papua New Ginea:
Jerusalem belongs to the Jews
[The march began on Tuesday morning, with a 12-kilometer route going from Ammunition Hill to Mount Scopus and then passing by many of the east Jerusalem neighborhoods that straddle the Old City before reaching Sacher Park. ]

But pseudo dhimminized Christians
aren’t having any of it
Dhimmi “Christian” Erekat
Israel is lighting matches in hopes of igniting a big fire,” said Erekat during a press conference. He claimed Israel was attempting “to strengthen its hold on occupied Jerusalem” rather than keep the peace. Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, meanwhile, called on the Arab world to increase efforts and raise funds to ensure continued Arab presence in Jerusalem, in light of Israeli efforts to “Judaize” the city.”
This is one Arafat lover the rest of the world should turn a deaf ear to. The question  you should be asking yourself is, how much of your money sent as aid to the PA, does this dhimmi stooge have squirreled away? More here. KGS

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