Thinks jihadis care for schools

Dalai Lama:
More aid = less war
They think todays high living standards
can continue if people purchased less

Less money = better living

Another reason why religious leaders should just stick to talking about their faith to their perspective flocks, and leave fighting totalitarian foes and managing economies …to others. The Dalai Lama thinks that waving the magic wand of money in front of the jihadis will make them forget the jihad, and the main reason why the US went into afghanistan in the first place, to deny Al-Qaida a base for operations against the US led West.

Aid money creates more problems than it solves, as well as not being a factor in turning Islamic fundamentalists away from their fundamentalist views of Islam (back to basics 101 Islam). The jihad will go on, and the more a Islamic state has more money at its disposal, the more Islamic terrorism wil be spread abroad. Just think how much damage Saudi oil has caused.

As for the Bishops lamenting the dawn of materialism, the TT has this to say: the materialism that they dread, has put food on the table for billions of people around the world, having raised their standards of living, far more than any international aid they are always moaning on about. The TT’s advice is to shut up and be thankfull that they live in an age where capitalism is still allowed to work its magic.

They would have people shun the extra radio or television, or not purchase the yearly trip to the Canary Islands, or cut back on their yearly Christmas shopping list, though billions of people around the world depend on being productive in order to produce those goods. No, they would rather see people getting handouts then being productive, so they then can pester others to give to these less fortunate who would otherwise be at work. Bologna. KGS


The Dalai Lama believes the war in Afghanistan has so far been a failure, saying military intervention creates additional complications for the country.

The exiled spiritual leader of Tibet, making his first visit to the Western Canadian city of Calgary in 30 years, said foreign military intervention against Taliban insurgents has only served to make the fundamentalist group more determined.

The war has been “so far, I think, a failure,” he told reporters, adding that he could not yet judge its outcome. “Using military forces, the other hard-liners become even more hard … and due to civilian casualties the other side also sometimes is getting more sympathy from local people.”


Europe has become increasingly selfish and materialistic in the 20 years since the fall of the Berlin Wall, the heads of the Roman Catholic bishops’ conferences across Europe said at the end of their three-day annual meeting at the weekend. “The crisis sweeping Europe today is serious,” they said in a statement after the session in Paris. They cited materialism, individualism and relativism as major challenges facing European society.


“All that has happened since the fall of the Berlin Wall has been a great stepping stone in the European adventure… (but) twenty years later, we now see that the incredible European project, with a strong ethical basis, has greatly weakened… The hopes placed on building Europe have not so far been fulfilled. Here we take note of the influence of several factors:

“The development of the European Union has gone hand in hand with a growth in consumption, at least for some people. The mere constant acquisition of goods will never fill people’s hearts… The rules of the market and competition will never give birth to the ideal.

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