Finnish journalist Tommi Nieminen contacts the Tundra Tabloids
to defend his style of journalism! What a laugh!
Helsingin Sanomat journalist, Tommi Nieminen writes an article that can be described as “lobbying under the guise of professional journalism”. On the surface it does appear to be a somewhat informative article, but as one digs deeper into the story, this journalist is simply providing a platform for a Somali woman living in Finland, whose brother is detainee in Gitmo, Cuba.
The brother is none other than, Ismail Mahmoud Muhammad, who was arrested at the Djibouti Airport on the Horn of Africa by the local police, who was:
“…on his way to Asmara, the capital of Eritrea, to attend a conference of Somalia’s Islamist ARS opposition movement. The movement is gathering up its ranks, as six months earlier there had been a coup in Somalia, where a coup had taken place, in which the country’s governing Islamic Courts Union (ICU) had been overthrown with the help of the Ethiopian military.
Ismail is a friend and advisor to Sheikh Sarif, the leader of the ICU. The union, which governed Somalia in 2006 is no group of choir boys. It also includes extremists, such as Head of Security Yusuf Mohammed Siad Inda’ade, who declared holy war against Ethiopia in December 2006, and invited foreign Muslim fighters to join the ICU. “
The Gitmo prisoner, Ismail Muhammad, also went by the name of “Abdullahi Sudi Arale”, which is claimed as being only his “nickname.” Yeah right, the man’s lawyer would have us believe that it’s entirely normal for a person to have a second full name just to use as a “nickname”, while for everyone else in the world uses a variation of their own first name or a descriptive, like for example, “shorty”, “stretch” or “bubba”.
The HS journalist then writes the TT to defend the notion that the US government hasn’t enough proof to hold him, as if that alone is supposed to offer assurances of the man’s innocence, and that he’s been through enough, so lets bring him here! Nice try. He admits that he has even less info on the man than the US government
From the same article: “What if Ismail really is a dangerous man – a terrorist of the al-Qaeda network? What if the United States simply doesn’t have sufficient evidence against him? Only fragments of information can be found about Ismail’s past. He was born in Mogadishu in 1970. His family lived in the district of Hodan. He went to primary school and secondary school. In 1990 he began university studies in Mogadishu.”
But Tommi Nieminen maintains that he has kept within the bounds of professional journalism-
TN: “Actually in the article I don’t take a side. I don’t claim that he is innocent or that he is not. I just claim that US is propably not going to accuse him of anything.”
Quotes from HS journalist Tommi Nieminen’s article:
He had the very bad luck to be the fifth-last of the 775 people taken to Guantánamo between 2002 and 2007.
“Now Ismail is in Guantánamo for a third year running. Nobody is accusing him of anything. It is apparent that he never was part of the East African faction of al-Qaeda, as the Americans claimed when he was arrested, but he is still behind bars.”
It is hard to believe the news. What in the world would Ismail do in Guantánamo? There are suspected terrorists there, who are interrogated in handcuffs by soldiers.”
“What could she do (Ismail’s sister) with the United States Department of Defence against them?”
This is baffling. It is hard for native-born Finns to even to imagine what it would be like to have a brother imprisoned in Guantánamo. Did Ayan and Amina tell their friends in Helsinki about it?”
“So apparently he fought in 2006, even though the same e-mail lists Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, and Ghana’s independence fighter and President Kwame Nkrumah as his role models. “
[Tommi Nieminen: “I am not trying to kid anyone. Just tell facts and not to take sides.”]
Read it all here.
H/T: Esther from Islam in Europe

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