Michael Coren Show Muslim-Christian Relations Zakaria Botros


I agree with Vlad Tepes. I can’t agree 100% with what Father Bortos and Micahel Coren say during the discussion, but the Tundra Tabloids does believe however, that the overwhelming majority of what this brave priest says, is in fact 100% correct.
It must be said that Father Zakariah Botros wants to present Christianity in the very best light, because well, he’s a committed priest within his religion. The TT would however, wish that the dear Father would point out that Judaism had undergone a transformation of its own a couple of thousand years ago independent of Christianity, and that Jewish orthodoxy does not allow for anything today, that remotely passes for what is considered normal within Islam.
Also worth mentioning is the fact that the Tenach, the Five Books of Moses, is interpreted in Juadaism as the historical record of the Jewish people with moral/religious applications. The violent events depicted in the Old Testament are understood by all as being, descriptive accounts of what happened, not proscriptive edicts for future generations.
That is why the Old Testament, which is widely understood as being written by men inspired by God, cannot be compared to the Koran, which is deemed the sole product of a deity, who is giving a proscriptive holy mandate for all future Muslims to act upon when the situation warrants.  KGS

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