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UK: Muslim Woman Who Claims Being ‘Offended’ by Christian Hotel Owners Speaks…….

She’s a convert to Islam!

Brainwashed convert get’s offended!
You have to wonder whether this formerly ‘devout Catholic’ was ever offended as much by all the anti-Christian discourse that goes on throughout British society, as she now is as a Muslim? The Tundra Tabloids will wait until further information is disclosed about where Ericka Tazi, who’s now a member of the “Ideology of the Perpetually Outraged” (IPO), received her Islamic instruction and what mosque she now calls home, before drawing any conclusions.
But we have seen time and again, Western non-Muslims converting to Islam only to become more Islamic than many of the Muslims who have immigrated to the West. It very well may be, that Tazi has been subjected to tradtional Islamic teachings which might help to explain her illogical actions and incredibly stupid accusations and whinings. She’s perhaps being used by the Muslims in her mosque to pave the way for more jihad litigation. KGS

NOTE: It’s also a very big possibility that she (Ericka Tazi) observed during her 4 week stay at the hotel, that the owners were devout Christians, and she wanted to make a statement about what she believed. Propably being promted by her co-ideologues.

The Muslim woman whose complaint about two Christian hoteliers led police to charge them with a religiously aggravated offence is a British-born convert who turned to Islam a year ago.
Ericka Tazi, 60, told police she was offended by alleged remarks made about her faith by Ben and Sharon Vogelenzang during a heated exchange at the breakfast table when she was staying at their hotel.
As The Mail on Sunday revealed last week, the couple are now being prosecuted under public order laws originally aimed at targeting yobbish and abusive behaviour on the streets.
Last night Mrs Tazi, who married Muslim painter and decorator Mohammed three years ago, defended her actions, claiming that the couple had been ‘nasty’ and had ‘all but’ called her a terrorist – an allegation they strongly deny.
The charges against the Vogelenzangs relate to a conversation the pair had with Mrs Tazi in March on her final day at their Bounty House Hotel in Liverpool after she came down to breakfast wearing a hijab.
She had been staying at the hotel near Aintree for four weeks while receiving treatment for a neurological disorder at nearby Walton Hospital, but the couple had reportedly not seen her in religious garb before.

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  1. A lot of these reverts who get in your face like this raghag are opportunists. They see that Islam is an E ticket because of the respect it gets because it is a 'religion' and so many bend over backwards to respect all of its stupidity. It's a great gig. You stick out like a sore thumb but no one dares mock you and if they do step out of line, the liberals will rush to your side and denounce anyone who doesn't respect the raghag. What a scam. Yvonne Ridley is probably her mentor.

  2. Hi John, you hit the nail squarely on the head. These are opportunists who need to be dismissed, not entertained.

    The moment that starts to happen, meaning a real vise grip on the stealth jihad, we will see them turn to violence, then the mask will be dropped.

    We need to get every political party aware, and paying heed to what's coming on the horizon. Once the jihad is denied their stealth wing of the movement there is going to be troubles that'll make the troubles in Malmö and Paris look like a walk in the park.

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