BBC Report on the Butt Bomber…….

The ramifications of this cannot be overstated

If the most sophisticated detection devices failed to detect this butt bomb, what does it mean for airport security and everday life in society as a whole? The TT has blogged on this before, but this demands further contemplation, because it raises the stakes even more than before. How do we ensure the chances of detection in order to keep society safe, without yet even more government intrusion into our daily lives?
These jihadis are more than just a threat to our own lives, they’re a threat to our own civil liberties, which means freedom from governmental intrusion into our daily lives. Vlad Tepes reminds the TT about an episode from the Star Trek series that addresses that very point, and after watching it, we’ll decide whether or not it’s worth downloading and posting it for eveyone to see. KGS

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