A Member of the ROP Contacts the Tundra Tabloids to Complain…….

Mailbox is smokin after this one

In a comment to an earlier post about a Saudi university professor having been found guilty of being male while having coffee with a woman not his wife or family member, the commentor “Chakra” has this to say:

I don’t know what you are trying to do. Is it all about Islam or it just about Saudi?! If you have an Image for this one, I got a Video for it. and I’m sure they are not Saudi either not Arabs.

If you don’t know about Saudi or Islam it’s your problem, I don’t have do education you. But don’t talk about some thing unless you know it. For your Informations, Islam is Arabic word means Peace. ask anyone from your country who was working in Saudi about Saudi and how it’s Peaceful country. God bless Islam  Chakra

Wrong Chakra, Islam means SUBMISSION.
As for your claim of Saudi Arabia being peaceful, it depends on who you ask. I doubt that the Saudi women who are forced to wear body bags in the desert heat would agree with your analysis. Nor would couples caught dating by the religious police, and lashed for the simple crime of holding hands, agree with your simple minded claims.
The Saudi system rules by fear, and anyone daring to challenge that system will end up either being beaten and/or imprisoned or executed for daring to step out of line. That’s the kind of “peace” you refer to, in the totalitarian, gender apartheid state of Saudi Arabia. It’s a racist, misogynist, brutal regime and apologists like you are either totally ignorant of that fact, or are actually members of that tyrannical regime who try to pimp a positive image of that desert nightmare of a state, to the outside world.

You picked the wrong website to try and do that Charkra, but you’re free to try as many times as you like, the TT’s readers need a joke every so often to lighten the heavy load of news they read. KGS

 “Islam means peace” indeed HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

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