Finnish Film Crew Gets Camera Stolen While Interviewing Masked ‘Youths’ in Göteburg Sweden……..

The mysterious masked “youths”, blow chance to tell their story of grievences against the infidel, and steal the camera of those who would have pimped their message without blinking an eye. KGS
H/T Kumitonttu: “Absurd in a funny way”.

Helsingin Sanomat : YLE’s film crew were robbed in Sweden while doing a story on the civil unrest in the suburb of Gothenburg.

The TV camera belonging to YLE’s Stockholm Swedish-language news-correspondent, Jesper Brandt’s cameraman, was taken on Saturday night during the incident. The journalist had agreed to a meeting with young people in the Biskopsgården district.

During the meeting, a young man with his face covered grabbed the camera out of the hand of the freelance cameraman.
Reporter and photographer followed the thieves, but left the chase when threatened at gunpoint. No one was injured in the incident, said YLE.

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