Belgium: Brussels Burns as Politicians Handcuff Police…….

The police interviewed in this video are upset that they are unable to make any impact on the chaotic situation in Brussels. Much of the problem is placed at the feet of the politicians who need the support of the Arab/Muslim community whose members are regularly inflicting damage and violence in some sections of the city’s streets.
The views of these officers are as grim as the ones given by the Swedish officers in the Shell station in Malmö Sweden, who were interviewed by the Tundra Tabloids and Counterjihad colleague, ESW.  Here are a couple of links to other TT stories related to the phenomenon of police inaction in the face of violence in the streets.
The Baron has this to say in the lead to the story:
[I posted yesterday about the recent culturally-enriched riots in Brussels being held in honor of Ramadan. Below is a Belgian news report about the out-of-control situation among the “youths” in the suburbs. Many thanks to our Flemish correspondent VH for the translation from French and Dutch, and to Vlad the Subtitler.]

Gates of Vienna has the full transcript to the video hereKGS

Changing of the Rosenguard (Rosengård)

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