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US: FBI Prepares Itself For More Anti-Islamo Terror Raids…….

But ‘wonder boy’
has something to say

Contrary to what Little Green Footballs states, the incidents of terror attempts are not waning, it’s that law enforcement is getting better at fishing the Islamic-fascist terror cells out before they can carry out an attack.

FBI agents with bomb-sniffing dogs Wednesday raided the Colorado apartment of an Afghan national linked to Al Qaeda and a plot to attack the New York City subway system. Simultaneously, authorities swarmed over a nearby home believed to belong to a relative of Najibullah Zazi, hauling out boxes of evidence.

And Zazi, 25, met with investigators at FBI headquarters in Denver and provided a DNA sample, a fingerprint and writing samples, his lawyer said. “My client is not involved in any terror plot,” lawyer Arthur Folsom said. “He answered every question they had.”

The searches in Aurora, Colo., came as the NYPD and an elite FBI team poised for additional raids in Queens in a hunt for bomb-making materials, sources told the Daily News.

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