Anti-Semitic UN Watch: Israeli President Shimon Peres Blasts the Goldstone Report…….

The UN Goldstone report
is going to be ugly
Richard Goldstone:
The UN is only interested in what the “Jews do”
The Tundra Tabloids has long been on record for being in favor of the UN to be relocated somewhere in the heart of Zimbabwe, which reflects both its character and its way of doing things. The upcoming Goldstone Report is soon to be released with great fanfare and hoopla, as the anti-Semitic UN gathers to bash the international Jew, Israel, over the head with yet another biased piece of crap report.
Al Avai, the Tundra Tabloids’ colleague and guest pen states that:
“If Israel’s guilt in the eyes of the UN, rests solely upon the disparate number of those killed during the Gaza war this past January, then the Finns were evil and Stalin’s USSR was good, due to the kill ratio in the Winter and Continuation wars during WWII, and likewise the Nazis were good and Allies evil for the same reason. I guess everyone in the discussion forums would agree to this calculus?”

Great point Al, but the anti-Semites in the UN could care less for sound logic and common sense, not with all that pent up Jew hate that’s got to be vented. The following words are from the President of the State of Israel, Mr.Shimon Peres.

The Goldstone Mission report is a mockery of history. It fails to distinguish between the aggressor and a state exercising its right for self defense.

War itself is a crime. The aggressor is the criminal. The side exercising self-defense has no other alternative.

The Hamas terrorist organization has opened war and perpetrated other horrible crimes. For years, Hamas carried out attacks against the children of Israel, sending suicide bombers into city centers, injuring and killing civilians. They fired over 12,000 rockets and mortar shells at towns and villages with one clear aim – to kill innocent civilians.

The report legitimizes terrorist activity, the pursuit of murder and death. The report disregards the duty and right of self defense, held by every sovereign state as enshrined in the UN Charter.

Israel withdrew all of its troops and settlers from the Gaza Strip, opened the border crossings and actively supported its reconstruction. The Israeli presence in Gaza was terminated.

But after Israel completed its redeployment from Gaza, a murderous and illegitimate terror group violently revolted against the legitimate Fatah leadership, overthrowing it by force.

Hamas operatives murdered Fatah leaders, at times throwing them from rooftops in broad daylight.

While Hamas continued firing, Israel employed, time and time again, the diplomatic channels, including many appeals to the UN – in an attempt to bring about a cessation of rocket fire.

Israel redeployed and terminated its presence in Gaza. Hamas responded with incessant rocket fire aimed at killing children, women and innocent civilians. Instead of building Gaza and caring for the welfare of its citizens, Hamas built tunnels to attack Israel, cruelly using children and innocent Palestinians to hide terrorists and ammunition.

Hamas terrorists built rocket launching pads and storage facilities near schools, in mosques and kindergartens. They booby-trapped urban neighborhoods and used Palestinian children as human-shields in order to hide terrorists and war materiel.

The State of Israel was forced to defend itself. It acted out of obligation to its citizens, like any sister state in the family of nations would.

Israel has been criticized for its actions against Hizbullah attacks from Lebanon and Hamas attacks from the Gaza Strip, as well as for building the security barrier in the West Bank to prevent suicide bombers from entering the country.

This criticism did not stop the rockets from hitting the South and the North, nor did it stop terrorists from blowing themselves up in our central cities. IDF operations enabled economic prosperity in the West Bank, relieved southern Lebanese citizens from the terror of Hezbollah and have enabled Gazans to have normal lives again.

Those in pursuit of peace have justice on their side. Those who monger war will forever be criminals.

Members of the Goldstone Mission would have never compiled such a report if their children resided in Sderot and suffered the terrorism of daily rocket fire.

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