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Outpouring of Anti-Obama Dissent in the Streets of the Nation’s Capital…….

Conservatives: We’re mad as hell
and not going to take it anymore

Obama: We’ll Rham it through anyways!

Conservatives march to Washington to take back their country. This was not only a shot across the Democrats’ bow, this was a full salvo fired across the Republicans’ bow as well. The right side of the aisle just got a major dose of wakeup, and if they refuse to stand tough to Obama’s socialist-fascist policies, they will have to answer for it in 2010 when Congressional seats are up for election.

The Tundra Tabloids is not surprised by LGF’s, Charles Johnson, lampooning of the conservatives at the mass demo, catorgorizing them as a bunch of “Nirthers & Ron Paulians”. The man has simply lost it, as was proven by the highly influential conservative US blog, Power Line, removal of a link to LGF. KUDOS to Power Line Blog!

Don’t be surprised to see LGF joining the KOS kids blogroll soon!

American’s tired of Obama’s “share the wealth” schemes

Former Soviet Jews see Obama’s policies for what they really are

Protestor from Michigan (the TT’s home state) speaking the truth

The Manchurian Candidate

Saul Alinsky’s protégé

Pics taken by

shout down of CNN “Go Home”!

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