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Chavez Continues His Jew Hate Tour of the Middle East…….

Now it’s time to curse Jews
with Syrian strongman Assad

Chinless one: That’s a great blood libel Chavez,

That’s going straight into our state constitution!

The axis of evil unite, with the traveling monkey show of the anti-Semitic, Venevuelan thug-in-chief, Hugo Chavez stopping over in Syria, as Obama’s “open fist policy of dialogue” with the two states is being laughed at openly, as well as behind closed doors. KGS

DAMASCUS, Syria (al-AP)Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez attacked Israel Thursday during his visit to Syria, calling it an imperialist nation that annihilates other people. Chavez comments came during a news conference with his Syrian counterpart Bashar Assad after a one-hour meeting at the hilltop presidential palace. “Israel has become a country that annihilates people and is hostile to peace,” he said, according to the Arabic translation of his remarks to reporters.
“The entire world knows it. Why was the state of Israel created? … To divide. To impede the unity of the Arab world. To assure the presence of the North American empire in all these lands,” he said.
Chavez is on an 11-day trip to Libya, Algeria, Syria, Iran, Belarus and Russia in his bid to build a multi-polar world and decrease U.S. influence in the region.

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