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Feminist Naomi Wolf’s America

Naomi Wolf:

Let’s cover up all that cat meat!

The nonsense “feminist” Naomi Wolf is peddling, is just another example of the Leftist Narrative [1.], or Critical Theory, that’s designed to solely mock and criticize Western values while championing the backward, anti-liberal values that are the exact opposite of the ones these Leftists claim to represent. KGS

The Burqa: Ultimate Feminist Choice?

Women in chadors are really feminist ninja warriors. Rather than allow themselves to be gawked at by male strangers, they choose to defeat the “male gaze” by hiding from it in plain view.

But don’t you worry: Beneath that chador, abaya, burqa, or veil, there is a sexy courtesan wearing “Victoria Secret, elegant fashion, and skin care lotion,” just waiting for her husband to come home for a night of wild and sensuous marital lovemaking.

Obviously, these are not my ideas. I am quoting from a piece by Naomi Wolf that appeared in the Sydney Morning Herald a few days ago. Yes, Wolf is the bubbly, feminist author who once advised Vice President Al “The Climate” Gore on what colors he should wear while campaigning and who is or was friendly with Gore’s daughter. Full disclosure: I have casually known Wolf and her parents for more than a quarter-century.

Wolf recently traveled to Morocco, Jordan, and Eygpt, where she found the women “as interested in allure, seduction, and pleasure as women anywhere in the world.” Whew! What a relief. She writes:

“Many Muslim women I spoke with did not feel at all subjugated by the chador or the headscarf. On the contrary, they felt liberated from what they experienced as the intrusive, commodifying, basely sexualizing Western gaze. … Many women said something like this: …’how tiring it can be to be on display all the time. When I wear my headscarf or chador, people relate to me as an individual, not an object; I feel respected.’ This may not be expressed in a traditional Western feminist set of images, but it is a recognizably Western feminist set of feelings.”

Really? If so, I’m the Queen of England.


Most Muslim girls and women are impoverished and wear rags, not expensive Western clothing beneath their coverings. Only the pampered, super-controlled, often isolated, and uber-materialistic daughters of wealth, mainly in the Gulf states, but also among the ruling classes in the Islamic world, match Wolf’s portrait of well kept courtesan-wives.

Being veiled and obedient does not save a Muslim girl or woman from being incested, battered, stalked, gang-raped, or maritally raped nor does it stop her husband from taking multiple wives and girlfriends or from frequenting brothels. A fully “covered” girl-child, anywhere between the ages of 10-15, may still be forced into an arranged marriage, perhaps with her first cousin, perhaps with a man old enough to be her grandfather, and she is not allowed to leave him, not even if he beats her black and blue every single day.

Wolf claims that she donned a “shalwar kameez and a headscarf” for a trip to the bazaar. I suggest that Wolf understand that the shalwar kameez and headscarf that she playfully wore in Morocco are not the problem.

I wonder how Wolf would feel if she’d donned a burqa, chador (full body bags) or niqab (face mask) for that same trip; how well she would do in an isolation chamber that effectively blocked her five senses and made it difficult, if not impossible, for her to communicate with others?

And, by the way, the eerie effect, ultimately, of shrouded women is that they become invisible. They cease to exist. They are literally ghosts.

NOTE: 1.) Watch the video provided in the link

UPDATE: Jamie Glazov “nails it” in his response to Naomi Wolf:

So sorry, Naomi Wolf, I won’t apologize for saying you support the institutionalization of the burqa.

First, since it appears to be over your head, the key is that the burqa is a symbol of women’s oppression under Islamic gender apartheid. And it is the natural outgrowth of the premises that underlie forced veiling of any kind.

Second, in terms of institutionalization: If you travel to despotic lands, where women face social stigma, physical violence, torture and death if they choose not to veil themselves, and if instead of siding with their right to choose and to not having to be afraid of their choice, you justify veiling without stressing the consequences for not veiling, then you are in league with the oppressors — and you are calling out for, and are complicit in, the institutionalization of the burqa.

So sorry Naomi Wolf, on this side of the battle, with real feminists such as David Horowitz, Phyllis Chesler and Robert Spencer fighting on behalf of women’s rights under Islamic gender apartheid, we are a bit reluctant to apologize to people who style themselves as feminists but who sacrifice millions of suffering Muslim women on the altar of their own narcissism and politics of self-indulgence. And for that, it is you who owe an apology – to your sisters in the Islamic world whom you profess to have befriended, but have betrayed.

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