More on Aftonbladet’s Bloodlibel: Journalist Boström Admits Story Was Never Backed by any Evidence…….

Why let the facts get
in the way of a juicy story?

The facts didn’t matter to Donald Bostöm, “he knows” Israel is guilty of many things, so he thought what’s the big deal if the Palestinians are given ample space to throw baseless claims around, it’ll be just a “he said she said” series of articles about Jews stealing Arab organs. He probably was chuckling to himself the whole time he was writing the article.

Aftonbladet’s Donald Boström however, represents something all to familiar with many journalists working the ME beat. They have taken to the habit of reporting in the very same way. If they need an Arab response to an event, just trot on over or call on the phone to sources that have been found to have repeatedly lied on previous occasions.
Or just repeat any old story that the Arabs tell them of what the Israelis have “supposedly done”, and use the same old default postion that “I was just reporting what was said“, regardless of how insanely stupid the accusations may be.
A clue for any of the journalists reading this post, and I know that you visit these pages, just going after information is not journalism, which pretty much sums up the “he said-she said” kind of reporting. It’s the level of knowledge that defines a good article, not just the information. After watching the video, you can see on which side of the question of “what’s good journalism” Donald Boström falls on. KGS

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