Frankfurt School Germany immigrant gangs The Narrative

German Immigrant Street Gangs Calling the Shots While the West "Dances to the Narrative"…….

Tundra Tabloids’ Friend and Colleague ESW:
“This is our future.”

Vlad Tepes: “Amazing clip of immigrant Muslim gangs in Germany. They have learned the leftist narrative well. It seems if the government won’t give them everything they want, they have no choice but to commit violent crimes all day. This is terrifying and America and Canada’s future.”

NOTE: The Tundra Tabloids adds, this is Finland’s future as well, if mass immigration policies are not reversed. Please also take note of what Vlad Tepes refers to the in the above, concerning the immigrant gangs learning the “Leftist Narrative”.

The socialist think tank called the Frankfurt House, has left a devastating impact on western society. “The Narrative” is simply the Marxist/Socialist’s version of the stealth jihad. Its line of reasoning is that western society alone is to blame for all of the ills known to mankind, with the instilling of rage, separatism and victimology in the oppressed, as the necessary catalyst to drive social unrest and further decay of western society.

It’s the grandfather of “humanitarian racism”, a term coined by Dr.Manfred Gerstenfeld that Tundra Tabloids often speaks about. It’s the reasonLink why these immigrant gang members are able to “operate with impunity and hold the police in contempt“. Due to the impact of “The Leftist Narrative”, humanitarian racist thinking dictates how the majority within any western society SHOULD react to the violence perpertrated by a minority.
Humanitarian Racism: Attributing an intrinsically reduced responsibility for certain ethnic and national groups for the actions.”
So Vlad is right on target, very much so, in pointing out that these immigrant groups have learned the Frankfurt House’s rules all too well. It’s high time that we expose “The Narrative” and fight back. KGS

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