Canada: Muslim Fakes Own Kidnapping, Media Falls for it Hook, Line and Sinker……..

Pious Muslim Haroon wasn’t taken
rather he was taking……..

Furqan Muhammad-Haroon:Don’t worry mom & dad I kidnapped myselfVlad Tepes: “And this was, it is well pointed out, a very religious Muslim. To begin at the begining: CBC report and video linking this with a similar kidnapping of a Toronto Muslim, also a member of the Muslim organization, ‘Islamic Foundation of Toronto’. Read the imam’s bio’s for a prelude to horror.“Vlad Tepes has the full story, head there. KGSNOTE: Vlad Tepes and the Tundra Tabloids were discussing the case a just the other day, and VT mused, why in the world would anyone in fear of being followed, withdraw two grand from the bank? HAHAHAHAHA We knew it was all a ruse before the media. Sweet.

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