aftonbladet Arafah Blood libels

J’Lem Post: Palestinian Arab Doctor Rules Out Swedish Blood Libel Claims…….

Sweden’s tabloid paper
just didn’t think to ask a doctor

Dr.Mazen Arafah:

Gee, if the Aftonbladet’s ace free lancer, Donald Boström, had asked me,
I could have saved him the trouble of reporting on this bogus claim

  • Palestinian family: We didn’t say organs taken (Aby Toameh J’lem Post)

    But you see folks, getting to the real truth was never Boströms real aim, if that was his real intention, he would have picked up the phone and enquired from any doctor, in Sweden, in Israel or in the disputed territories, and gotten the same message. That being, one does not hope to make any money from harvesting organs from dead bodies.

    J.Post: Following the controversial article in the Swedish tabloid that claimed IDF soldiers harvested dead Palestinian organs for money, J Post TV went out and asked, Dr.Mazen Arafah, director of Al-Ahli Hospital in Hebron about the allegations against Israel’s soldiers.

    Dr.Arafah: It is known that to successfully transfer organs from one human being to another, both must be alive. It means the donor must die a clinical death, and be connected to a life support system.

    J.Post: If the body under goes a full death without life support then there are fewer options to using the organs.

    Dr.Arafah: The organs from a dead person can’t be used for a living person, but it can be used for educational purposes. They can take the organs and send it to a medical college.

    J.Post: Dr.Arafat also told J.Post News TV that it’s not the hospital’s job to search the body for stolen organs, but such claims would be best investegated by the government

    Video here.

    But there is another twist to the story, Arabs connected to the story are distancing themselves from Boström’s version of the events. From the Local:

    In a further twist to the saga, the Palestinian families on which Boström based his claims appeared to distance themselves from the allegations in an article in the Jerusalem Post on Tuesday. The newspaper cites Ibrahim Ghanem, a relative of Bilal Ahmed Ghanem, the young Palestinian at the centre of the Aftonbladet story, who says that the family never told Boström that Israel had stolen his organs.

    Maybe the journalist reached that conclusion on the basis of the stitches he saw on the body,” Ghanem told the newspaper.” But as far as the family is concerned, we don’t know if organs were removed from the body because we never performed our own autopsy. All we know is that Bilal’s teeth were missing.

    Also worth noting, the main topic in the same article from the Local, is the fact that someone has filed charges against the Swedish tabloid paper for racial agitation, (hets mot folkgrupp), “a crime involving the public dissemination of statements which threaten or express contempt for one or more identified ethnic groups.

    In the Tundra Tabloids’ opinion, if any charges should be brought up against the paper, it should be for libel, willfully lying in order to slander the intended target, this time it was the state of Israel’s IDF forces. Something that airhead, Åsa Linderborg, can’t wrap her little ol’ mind around

    A very perplexed Linderborg

    “Is that true? I am perplexed,” “I think it is a shame that whenever solidarity is shown for the Palestinians and criticism is directed again Israel, someone cries anti-Semitism!”

    Here it is folks, in black and white and out in the open. Hey lady, take your head out from your behind and make the needed enquiries from the medical community for crying out loud, this is the kind of journalism that is ruining your profession.

    This clown actually thinks that leveling a blood libel against Jews, in which they’re being blamed for stealing organs from dead bodies…is just… “criticism of the IDF”. What planet did Linderborg drop down from anyways? Sad to say but, clueless droids like her and Boström is what passes for normal at many Nordic news organizations, in cluding in Finland as well. KGS

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