Vlad Tepes: Startling Discovery: Founder of Islam was a Blobfish……!

Watch out Sponge Bob Square Pants,
make way for Blobfish Mohammed

Vlad Tepes and the Tundra Tabloids combined their efforts to produce this effigy that will go down in history as, the ugliest looking prophet in the history of desert religions. Rolling on the floor and laughing our behinds off would understate the time spent collaborating on this project. what a hoot.
If anyone has any ideas on how to expand the project, like giving life to a whole new list of characters that’ll rival Ol’ Sponge Bob, please do comment. All interesting suggestions will be taken seriously. KGS

Vlad Tepes:

This month, archaeologists who have been working diligently in the city of Medina formerly known as ‘Yathrib’ have uncovered startling evidence which may help to explain two peculiar things commonly held in Islam.
1. Why no image of Mohamed’s face may ever be drawn or displayed anywhere and 2. why all forms of seafood are considered allowable despite the fact that the food rules in Islam are loosely plagiarized from Judaism, where shellfish are considered out of bounds.
Scientists unearthed this startling ‘carved from life’ bust of Mohamed found deep in one of Islamdom’s first mosques deep underground….

Blobfish Mohamed Prophet of the Sea:Neptune is my bitch

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