Aftonbladet’s Blood Libel Article not Raising the Right Questions in Sweden and Abroad…….

Al Avai asks: Was Nazi propaganda covered under free speech?

In Sweden, obviously yes
Tundra Tabloids contributor, Al Avai, offers the following observations concerning the discourse surrounding the Aftonbladet’s unforgivable blood libel against the Jewish state, in which free lance journalist, Donald Boström alleged that the IDF were harvesting organs from dead Palestinians.

Al Avai: Bizarre how the Aftonbladet story is playing out. It seems that the Swedish Government, the press, and now the official Jewish Community (Lena Posner) confuse freedom of speech with immunity for libel. The Swedish public and press see it as a “freedom of the press” issue.
Was Nazi propaganda an exercise of “freedom of speech”? Should we celebrate the bravery of the Berlin press of 1938? Perhaps publishing antisemitic slander is legal in Sweden. This doesn’t stop the government from disavowing the article, condemning it, or regretting it. Why has this not been asked publicly?
Additional questions not being asked in Sweden are why such an antisemite as the author should be given a pass to the public fora, and why the Aftonbladet would publish such a story with only hearsay behind it. It’s amazing how simple-mindedly this question of “press freedom” is being presented.
The media frequently refrain from presenting a story if it will, for example, interfere with security or police operations, and the difference between respectable newspapers and the yellow press is obvious from the front page (“Princess *** to break engagement” etc.).
Sweden is familiar with limits to freedom of the press– Princess Madeleine received 400.000 € from the Klambt-Mediengruppe for publishing false reports in the yellow press.

Interestingly enough, it wasn’t a matter of ‘free speech’ for the Swedish press when the “Three Crowns” of Sweden filed a law suit against the German media group, Klambt, and won. The TT wonders how many in the Swedish press actually voiced their disapproval over the fact that she lodged a complaint in first place, and then when Princess Madeleine won her case? KGSSwedish princess wins in court: Klambt-Verlag must pay 400 000 euros Hamburg/Baden- In a lawsuit by nearly 90 freely invented gossip article has the Swedish royal family to the Hamburg Higher Regional Court against the Klambt – Mediengruppe aus Baden- Media Group from Baden – Baden enforced. Because of false reports of pregnancies, affairs, and marriage plans of Princess Madeleine, the company had been charged EUR 400 000 for damages, a court spokesman said on Thursday. The judges were in their verdict that the sun belongs to Klampt publisher that magazines like “Woman with Heart” or “World of Women” publishes, Madeleine’s personality for years had been “recklessly violated”. UPDATE: Israel pressing for Sweden to condemn blood libel tabloid paper Aftonbladet. The head of the Israeli press office stated about two of the Aftonbladet’s reporters:

The head of the Israeli Government Press Office, Daniel Seaman, said on Sunday he would not give accreditation to two of the newspaper’s reporters.”We are not obliged to accredit them. It will take time. We have to conduct verifications, maybe to examine their blood type to know whether they can be organ donors,” Seaman, known for controversial statements, told army radio.

Good going Danny, kudos to the Israeli Government Press Office Spokesman!

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