US: The Rifqa Bary Story: Staying Christian and Alive in Florida…….

Fleeing from her Muslim father that
beat and battered her

Rifqa Bary: I’m a Christian and want to stay that way
Pamela at Atlas has been on this story since day one when the story broke, she has the full scoop on the ongoing drama about a Muslim girl who converted to Christianity some years ago, and after having been found out, threatened by her Muslim father that he would kill her if she didn’t return to Islam. While there may be doubters to the veracity of Bary’s story, the TT finds it very, very plausible, enough so, that it will take Bary’s version over her parents’ until proven otherwise. When it’s a situation involving claims of violence and threats of murder, the victim (Rifqa Bary) is to be given every consideration, which means dropping the “he said/she said” aspect to the story.

In such cases involving violence, one HAS to side with the person making the claims, it’s that serious. If she’s wrong, then it’s only the family’s honor being besmirched, but if she’s right, and returned to an environment where her life is in jeopardy, she’s a goner. Given the many instances where Muslim girls were butchered by their relatives for living an un-Islamic lifestyle, this has to be taken seriously, very seriously.Atlas:

For the better part of the last hour I have been talking to someone who is very close to Rifqa Bary. The more that is revealed of Rifqa’s story, the more urgent it is for us to ACT in defense of this child.

Rifqa Bary is an honor student, a cheerleader – a good girl. Like Amina and Sarah Said, she lived two lives: she was a happy productive successful student in school and a tortured, oppressed and brutalized victim at home. Many in her school were shocked to hear that Rifqa, the quintessential good girl, had run away from home; those close to her were not surprised at all.

Read more about it at Atlas, she’s got Patrick Poole’s take on it who supplies additional info, with pics of the Islam-O-hardliners waiting for Rifqa Bary’s return. Don’t let it happen. Read it all here and here. KGS

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