Head of Sweden’s SDP Party Was Present at Fattah’s Congress That Praised Terrorists…….

Sweden’s SDP Chairman
tolerates terrorists/ism

Monica Sahlin: I stand with Fattah,The Jews are all to blame for everything!
This is the kind of Nordic radicalism that is behind the anti-Semitism that Dr.Manfred Gerstenfeld talks about in the book he edited, Behind the Humanitarian Mask: The Nordic countries, Israel and the Jews. So it doesn’t surprise that the Leftists are still seen rallying behind their favorite pet project and cause, the continued Arab/Muslim terrorist war against the Jewish state of Israel. Earlier this year we saw Norway’s Minister of Finance Kristin Halvorsen marching in an anti-Israel protest march where people were shouting “death to Jews”. Halvorsen denies all of this of course, but the videos and the pictures don’t lie. Or how about the Swedish politician of “The Left”, Lars Ohly who favors anti-Semitic blogs and is a supporter of the “Palestinians”, but also believes that Israel is an international criminal.Now once again, a Swedish Leftist, the head of the SDP party no less (that has ruled Sweden for 80 years but is now in opposition), proves the Leftist-Islamic terrorist nexus by her support for the Palestinians at their recent congress in de-Christianized Bethlehem. This is the same event in which unrepentant terrorists -guilty of murdering Jews- were hailed as heroes, and Ol’ radical Monica sat there in her seat listening to it all. I believe that makes her a supporter of anti-Semitism, don’t you?.The Swedish news service SR states the following: “Mona Sahlin, the head of Sweden’s Social Democrats, was one of the few foreign speakers at the ongoing congress of the Palestinian Fatah movement in Bethlehem. Breaking with the pro-Israeli policy of her predecessor, she criticized Israel for being majorly responsible for the Middle-East conflict. But Sahlin was also set to meet with the Israeli labour party.”Now contrast all of this with the badly maligned Swedish Democrats who are openly philo-Semitic and support the Jewish state of Israel. They are regularly smeared as racists (a totally false charge), while the SDP has leaders like Monica Sahlin sits in an arena where the glorification of anti-Semite murderers is going on. Anyone see something very wrong with all of this, or is it just me?It causes the Tundra Tabloids a great sense of satisfaction to know that this philo-semitic, pro-Israel party is making gains in Swedish politics, and stands to get some of their people elected to parliament. Reinhard from the Swedish discussion forum FOMI tells the TT that “a new survey puts Sd at 5.6 % of Swedish votes. 4 % are needed to enter parliament.” So the Swedish Democrats stand to gain at least 16 seat if all goes well.Here is the translation of the Sydsvenskan.se op-ed by Anna Ekström, who takes to task the obvious contradiction in terms of Sahlin’s participation in an even that honors the murderers of Jews, while claiming to be for a peaceful two state solution.H/T Reinhard“Disgraceful populism, Sahlin”

Tributes to the terrorists and demands for an undivided Jerusalem as Palestinian capital, where some of the elements in the Fatah congress. Among the guests were Mona Sahlin (S) who chose fast populist points over the contributing to a sustainable solution to the conflict, writes freelance journalist Anna Ekström. Mona Sahlin went to the Palestinian Fatah-movement’s congress and advised them to replace their “old man reign” with women and younger talents. It is like telling the Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu that the problems with Secretary of Lieberman is that he is a man and too old to be cool. Fatah discussed issues of great importance to the Palestinians, israel and their external future. Such is the setting for terror operations. During the opening ceremony welcomed the Palestinian Authority’s former Prime Minister Abu Ala a terrorist as a “hero” and praised his clients Dalal Mughrabi. “All the sisters here are Dalals sisters,” said Abu Ala, with reference to the woman who led a terrorist attack in which 35 civilians were murdered. That Sahlin had not known at this or other occasions where the so-called armed resistance is praised is odd. It should not come as a surprise to her that Fatah during that weekend approved the Martyrs Brigade al-Aqsa as its official armed forces and pledged to sacrifice people for Jerusalem. Territorial claims is the key for peace negotiations. Last year the Honorable Abu Bakr made clear that the target was Israel’s destruction, but that until further notice, would argue for the 1967 borders. Policy may well have changed since then. A female Fatah member, however, stated on July 10 that “peace is a means. The goal is Palestine. “On May 7 was the Palestinian ambassador to Lebanon clearer: a two-state solution will lead to Israel’s collapse and only then it is possible to make progress. Because of the peace conditions Tariq Tirawi, terror suspect and now elected to the Fatah Central Committee, set July 23: the right to return and the right to Jerusalem, which according to him requires thousands of martyrs. That he mean the entire city, not just the eastern part, confirmed by the Congress on Saturday. Israel’s administrative center was described as “Palestinian, Arab, and Islamic and Christian world’s eternal capital.” Sahlin must have known this, as she knew that the right of return, which the Congress stands by, means that the Palestinians fled around 1948 or rather their children and grandchildren may move to Israel. Were it not for the realism of the Lebanese people as Fatah leader al-Einein, the hope of negotiating to be able to go out: “Can Israel possibly agree to have seven million Palestinians return to the lands from which they were driven out in 1948, and to have the Knesset [fall] into the hands of the Palestinian people?! “he wondered July 11. It is shameful of Israel to evict Palestinians, she preached to the already saved. Yes, it is shameful to deprive people of their homes. It is also a shame to give rapid populist points, not to invest in a sustainable solution to a difficult individual and global problem. Meaningless identity politics and aggression unit is not part of any sincere concern for Palestine alongside Israel. In the context where “peace” sometimes means preparation for destruction, such negligence can cost lives. ANNA EKSTRÖM

This is the kind of legacy the Social Democrats in Europe are leaving to future generations, insane identity politics that’s based on the premise that, intolerant, anti-liberal, genocidal movements are worth supporting, even though it comes at the expense of ones own common sense and moral underpinnings.People/politicians like Monica Sahlin deserve to be called for what they really are, anti-liberal, racist, Stalinist idealogues, who care very little for human rights or social issues: It’s all about tearing down the existing order and using any movement or issue to help further them in their quest for power over peoples’ lives. These people are the biggest political frauds ever thrusted upon a civilian population in the history of the world, and it’s frightening to think that they do so with near impunity. KGS

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