The EU & Saudis Fund More Terrorism Against Israel…….

Fakestinians are $255 million richer
thanks to the EU and House of Saud

EU and Saudis:Our aid money is being used against the Jews?
We’re shocked, shocked I tell you!That’s right folks, the money is siphoned and squirreled away for later use in the Arabs continuing jihad against the Jews, and those who dump money into their laps, the US included, are guilty of the blood letting that ensues from it. As tough as it seems, they should only be given enough to exist, nothing more, until they give up on their jihad against the Jewish state of Israel. KGSPalestinians get EU, Saudi aid worth 255m dlrs

(RAMALLAH) – The cash-strapped Palestinian Authority has received 255 million dollars in aid from Saudi Arabia and the European Union, prime minister Salam Fayyad said on Monday.Oil-rich Saudi Arabia has ordered the transfer of 200 million dollars the Palestinian Authority, Fayyad told reporters at a ceremony during which the EU signed over to the Palestinians 39 million euros (55 million dollars).Fayyad said the Saudi aid was part of a one-billion-dollar financial assistance package pledged in January by Saudi King Abdullah to help the Palestinians deal with a steep financial crisis.”I received a call from the Saudi finance minister, Ibrahim al-Assaf, who informed me of King Abdullah’s decision to order the transfer of 200 million dollars to the Palestinian Authority’s treasury,” Fayyad said.The Palestinian Authority received pledges totalling some 12 billion dollars from international conferences in Paris in 2007 and Sharm el-Sheikh in March this year.

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