Holland: The Cargo Bike Imam……!

Straight from multicultural hell…
the pimping of Islam to our youth

Brainwashing with a touch of the Child Catcher Lollipops children, get your lollipops, all…free…today!
The TT has been discussing with Vlad Tepes about the character and the true aim behind the videos. It now appears that the vids are an attempt to pull off what former Taxi star (Latka) Andy Kaufman did as “Tony Clifton“, the audience-abusing lounge singer. In other words, the Imam is pretending to be something that he’s not, an Imam supposedly preaching about Islam to a children.The Tundra Tabloids felt initially that the comedian had crossed the lines in the first vid, from comedy to actually preaching Islam. But as the other videos show, he’s actually doing a parody of Islam, by showing what Islam has come to stand for, and believing that they are selling points for proselytizing the un-believer. so the TT stands corrected for the initial “knee-jerk” reaction, but can also be excused for doing so, due to the first video not being as clear of its intention as the following videos. They are actually quite funny, and on target. Read more about it here.
Vlad Tepes sends the following video to the Tundra Tabloids, of which the TT is of the same opinion, the video is creepy. It shows the Cargo-bike Imam setting up his cardboard mosque and then calling in the kiddies to ask questions from the “candy man who has all the answers”. Take note of how the happy little children are ready to please and respond like willing drones.It reminds the Tundra Tabloids of the character from the children’s movie, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang,….the Child Catcher:

Creepy is right. The Tundra Tabloids couldn’t help but notice one of the kids in the Dutch Cargo-bike Imam skit, wearing a copy scarf of the Keffiyeh, the present day symbol of international terrorism.

These little minds have already been softened by a Leftist ideology that’s permeates their society. The Leftist broadcaster obviously sees nothing odd about kids wearing terrorist scarfs and brainwashing Dutch youth with a misogynist political/belief system which includes practicing bowing to Allah, even though all of it is at odds with their own traditional socialist thinking. Vlad Tepes has this to say at his You Tube page about the video. KGS

The Dutch broadcast organization VARA (Association of Worker Radio Amateurs) was once a Socialist broadcaster and nowadays is a left-wing and “multicultural” outfit. A while back VARA invited a stand-up comedian named Najib Amhali — a Moroccan immigrant who is part of the self-appointed multicultural elite (and has been caught a few times plagiarizing) — to tape a TV show in eight episodes to be broadcast on Friday evenings. The scheduling of the program, in the evening after another popular program, attracted a reasonable number of viewers for the first episodes (1.3 million). Quite a lot of the responses were negative, even on his fan-site, and judged it worse than his shows on stage. In every episode Amhali wakes up from a dream and has a problem, each week on a different theme. In the program he looks for a solution. Sometimes he finds it, other times he doesn’t.” In every feature Najib Amhali plays the role of the Cargo-Bike Imam in his item on Islam. According to the introduction to the series, this imam is “a children’s friend who crosses the country with fresh courage and the wrong ideas in his aim to convert people who stand open to his message. On questions like ‘Why do you never shake hands?’ and ‘Is it true that you throw gays from high rise buildings?’, the Cargo Bike Imam will always have a clear answer.”

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