Freedom of Speech on the Internet at Risk by Telecommunications Networks…….

Keep Net Neutrality a Reality

Dominance by the big networks
spells doom for the Internet

The International Free Press Society has an excellent post up about the dangers of allowing the big telecommunications providers to control who has access to what. By squeezing the flow of info, Bell Canada successfully limited Internet access to it’s paying customers, through purposefully decreasing the speed to any sector not deemed “important enough” to the Internet provider.

This is nothing more than a plan by the big telecommunications providers to create a monopoly, in order to subvert the existing system. They alone will benefit from such a totalitarian and arbitrary system, which effectively shoves free speech down the drain. Such a plan needs to be not only rejected, but defeated where ever it raises its ugly head. Thanks to the IFPS for bringing issue, they show just how relevant their organization really is. KGS

IFPS: ” The following video is a crucial tool, in terms of understanding the Internet, and freedom of speech. This is a global issue although the video is tailored towards Canada which is facing a crisis at this time, as my sources tell me, that Bell Canada, Rogers, and the CRTC tacitly collude to deny service customers pay for selectively. Services such as peer to peer, the best way to disseminate information ever invented, is throttled illegally by Bell Canada and no refund or discount is offered to customers who pay for a fixed rate of access to the Internet through Bell. The CRTC, Canada’s telecommunications regulatory body, has refused to act on complaints about this illegal throttling. This video is a clear explanation of the issue of Net Neutrality, a cornerstone issue of freedom of speech in the internet era. More to come on this issue shortly.”

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