It Official: ”Moderate” Fattah Delegates Not Interested in Peace With Israel…….

Clue: They never were

Fakestinain terrorists:Hey Israel, if you’re serious about peace (and we’re not) let our murderers go free so they can join the Jihad against you once the peace negotiation process gets going. We’ve done it before, and we know that you’ll do it again.Time to stop any of the ridiculous talk that ‘moderates’ exist within the Fakestinian camp, they’re non-existent, and if by chance some do in fact exist, if they value their lives, they’ll keep their mouths shut. The only ‘moderates’ most Israelis know, are the ones they talk with behind closed doors with agreements to protect their anonymity. So don’t expect an all of a sudden increase in their numbers just because Obama wants to restart the…. ”peace process”. It’s all a mugs game, and all the participants connected to it, know that’s the case. KGS‘No talks unless Israel frees prisoners’

Fatah delegates meeting here Thursday resolved not to renew peace negotiations with Israel until all Palestinian prisoners are released from Israeli jails, all settlement-building is frozen and the Gaza blockade is lifted. Nabil Sha’ath, a Fatah Central Committee said these were some of 14 preconditions for a resumption of peace talks. Analysts noted that the conditions are not binding on Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, but also that they broadly accorded with the positions had Abbas had himself set out in an address to the gathering on Tuesday. Amid mounting tensions between rival camps, meanwhile, the Fatah delegates are scheduled to vote on Friday for new members of the faction’s two most significant bodies, the Central Committee and the Revolutionary Council.

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