Hez Hag Turns 89…….

Helen Thomas one year
closer to eternity

Helen Thomas:I just love those Hezzie boys!Via: Debbie Schlussel : “Question: How come when he kissed the frog, she didn’t turn into a handsome prince?”

DS: “Not too long ago, I recall the late Tony Snow, who was Press Secretary at the time, witheringly commenting (after Thomas had expressed her usual antisemitic, anti-Israel diatribe) that Thomas was in effect a shill for Hezbollah. This was during a live, televised press conference. How times have changed. Now this wizened Jew-hater, formerly merely tolerated and often gently mocked by our former president, is feted and lionized by the present occupant of the White House. The sickening nature of the event was compounded by the president’s bending to kiss the old monster on her cheek.The late–and classy-Tony Snow to the Birthday Hag: “Well, thank you for the Hezbollah View” . . .”

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