Terrorist PLO to Convene 6th Assembly in Bethlehem…….

The ‘moderates’ are coming
the ‘moderates’ are coming!

Obambi: You see, it was worth all that groveling,
the ‘moderate Arabs won’t let me down!
And Israel is asked to trust that Obambi will apply pressure on the Arabs, but of course, only if it doesn’t build on land existing inside its settlements (that will one day be incorporated into Israel once the Arabs stop their violence and declare the fighting is over). Yeah, that’s the best Israel can expect from an Obambi administration.Stay tuned, you’ll hear what the majority of Fakestinian Arabs really think once the assembly gets it motor revved up and words leak out what they are really saying in arabic. Hopefully the MEMRI team and PMW are at the ready with their translation teams, because there’s going to be a lot worth translating. Lsst time the terrorist PLO met, they supposedly voted to recognize Israel, which they did not. This time around there are people able to pin point what exactly they are voting on on and what was said. KGS

Fatah is scheduled to launch its sixth General Assembly in Bethlehem on Tuesday, amid growing skepticism that the faction will succeed in implementing major reforms or endorsing a more moderate attitude toward the conflict with Israel.
The conference, which is supposed to bring together more than 2,000 delegates, is the first since 1989.

The decision to hold the conference in Bethlehem came after many Arab countries, including Syria, Egypt, Jordan and Lebanon, turned down requests by the Fatah leadership to host the gathering.

The delegates are expected to vote for two of Fatah’s main bodies, the Central Committee and the Revolutionary Council. The first institution consists of 21 members, while the second has 120 seats. Delegates will also discuss Fatah’s strategy, especially concerning the conflict with Israel.

Many Fatah officials said on Monday that they would strongly oppose any attempt to drop the armed struggle option from the faction’s political program that was endorsed in 1989.

According to a draft of the proposed political program that was leaked to the Palestinian media on Monday, the Fatah leadership plans to replace the term “armed struggle” with “resistance.”

The new program would state that while Fatah supports the peace process with Israel, it maintains the right to continue the “resistance” to achieve the goals of the Palestinians.

Negotiations with Israel were not part of Fatah’s culture,” said Jamal Nazzal, a Fatah spokesman in the West Bank.

He declared that Fatah had never recognized Israel’s right to exist and denied that his faction had asked Hamas or any other Palestinian party to do so.

Nazzal’s remarks are the latest in a series of hard-line statements issued by top Fatah operatives ahead of the conference, in an apparent effort to win votes in elections for the Central Committee and the Revolutionary Council.

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