Tundra Tabloids Yanks Story on Hamas Mass Wedding of Tots For Terrorists…….


The TT stands corrected!

It has come to the Tundra Tabloids attention, from Tim Marshall at Sky News, that the story concerning the mass wedding of tiny tots for Hamas terrorists, has turned out to be false. The story originated from Carl in J’lem, who has a very long history of “getting the big scoops that are factually sound”, which is one of the main reasons why his blog was a Weblog Award Winner last year.
No one is perfect, that includes all of us in the blogosphere, but at least when we do get it wrong, (at least at the TT) it’s duly noted with an accompanying correction. That said, many within the MSM are notorious for their bias against Israel which contributes to their misrepresentation of the facts in their reporting on the Arab Israeli conflict, and their failure to admit that truth.
So last night the Tundra Tabloids received a comment from Sky News’ Tim Marshall, complaining that it was guilty of disseminating a false story concerning the mass wedding of 450 people, (now pulled) that claimed Hamas adult males had wed pre-pubescent girls. It was accompanied by a video in Arabic showing little girls in wedding dresses dancing and swaying to music. Sky News’, Tim Marshall had this to say to the TT in the comment box:

“I was there. We filmed it. The children are NOT the brides. the brides are in the audience. where is your evidence? It’s cultural, you invite your neices and cousins etc. they get dressed up, have the time of their lives. Really think all 450 guys are peaodoes? Learn a little – Hamas does enough disgusting stuff without havingto make up things. Tim Marshall Sky News, Gaza http://blogs.news.sky.com/foreignmatters

Fair enough Tim, the TT has responded to your request to pull the story. But what about factual accuracy on your own blog Tim, where you describe the “West Bank” as “occupied”, as well as the mentioning of municipal swimming pools in Israeli settlements, though failing to mention that the Arabs in the same areas have municipal swimming pools as well.I know why you added one while leaving out knowledge of the other Tim, it’s because you wanted to create an image in the minds of your readers that, Jews have, while the Arabs do not, which would go to underline your basic premise that Jewish areas in Samaria and Judea are evil.A couple of comments by, Yochanan, to your post goes unanswered by you, no wonder why, he nails your shabby thesis to the wall:

“Getting facts right is a must in the media. What are the facts? FACT #1: In 1921, Britain divided the land earmarked by the League of Nations “for the establishment of the Jewish homeland” into what is today Jordan and Israel. The British banned (in breach of the LN mandate) Jewish residence in Jordan and uprooted communities there since time immemorial. Jordan according to the British was to be the Arab state of palestine!FACT #2: In 1947, the UN partition was approved. It was accepted by the Jews but not by the Arabs. This plan is therefore defunct and by virtue of Arab rejection, has since been irrelevant as a basis for future negotiations.Since the 1920’s, long before there was any occupied territory of 1967, the Arabs in the Land of Israel have been systematically attacking Jews to annihilate them. The Arabs do not want a state. The Arabs want Israel’s destruction. The Arabs do not want a state besides Israel, but one instead of!

You see folks, it’s not just what is printed by the biased main stream media that can be untrue, it can also the be the image they are trying to convey to the public. While it’s immensely important that what’s being written is indeed factual, context is important as well. And Sky News’ Tim Marshall went out of his way to ensure that the image of Jewish swimming pools factored into the readers thinking, which meant not mentioning a word about the Arabs’ water parks in many if its cities in the same area.It’s fact hardly, if ever, mentioned by these types who want to protray the Arabs as water starved by the evil Jews. It’s the same mentality that goes into thier style of reporting on Islam, which more often than not, turns a blind eye to the religious mandated supremacist thinking, as well as Islamic sanctioned pedophilia, that in fact allows adults to right the bed a minor.Marshall asks: (Do you) “Really think all 450 guys are peaodoes?” Given the fact that these people are depraved enough to murder their opponents by tossing them from very high buildings to the ground. Or force kids into brain washing camps to train them to kill Jews, or distribute some of the worst anti-Semitic propaganda seen since the days of the Third Reich, or launch missiles into civilian populations inside Israel, or promote a death culture in their society in which murder is divine. Then yes Tim, it’s not a stretch to believe that Islamic fundamentalists would engage themselves in a mass display of pedophilia…and be proud of it. KGSUPDATE: Exchange between Sky News’ Tim MArshall and the Tundra Tabloids. You decide.Tim Marshall: Appreciate your honesty in pulling story. We’ll have to disagree on the rest. I am far from lefty anti zionist, but you won’t persuade me that the water distribution is equal, nor on the term occupied. The point about municipal pools is that the Israeli govmnt pays for it, what the Pals do in the West Bank isn’t the point. It is a stretch to go from being murderers – which Hamas are, to being peodos. I do not wish, nor go out of my way to portray Jews as evil. I reciive enough hate mail from Muslims about being a Jew loving, islamaphobe etc without you piling in on the other side. See this http://blogs.news.sky.com/foreignmatters/Post:71d5e02f-ffd6-40db-bc02-e18dbf646030and this for more – i particularly like being called a zionist idiot. http://blogs.news.sky.com/foreignmatters/Post:72d91843-1818-427b-99f8-954a01482370 Tundra Tabloids: Hi Tim, I never said nor implied that water rights were equal, though I’m sure that the Israeli MFA can supply you with a comeplete record of what’s available to whom…but most journies view state sources as “biased” while leaning heavily on what highly politicized NGO’s say and/or what Palestinian sources will tell them. More time than not, the NGO’s and Palestinian “sources” information about water rights and availability ….dovetail.That said, your point about the water for the settlements being state funded was lost entirely…and honest reading of your text won’t spot that as being your point…only that Jews have water and Arabs….have dust.Nor did I say, nor do I think that you would go out of your way to “portray Jews as evil”, nor was I saying that about Arabs….but I most certainly have more than enough evidence to try and convict Hamas and ilk in any serious court of law of being genocidal, supremacist and inflict child abuse on its youth through a death cult style of indocrtiniation…. something of which you fail to respond to or to counter.Like Yochanan, the points I’ve raised are met with silence, though you do step out on a limb and state that you believe it’s a stretch to think Hamas murderers (who believe that they are answering their diety’s call to murder the infidel Jew and fight against the existence of a Jewish state) would engage in pedophilia though their prophet (who they follow in word and deed) allows for them to do so.The more the MSM chooses to refrain from providing a proper context to any given story, the more the average reader strays from the MSM and seeks information elsewhere. KGS

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