US Government’s Cash For Clunkers Website Allows Government to Take Over Your PC…….

Man is this frightening

To all of the Tundra Tabloids’ US readers, do not under any circumstance visit the US government’s Cash for Clunkers website. And under no circumstance click the ‘privacy act’ button, it will automatically allow the US government to take control of your PC, meaning everything you do on that computer will be monitored by the US government, including VOIP software phone calling etc..

Watch the video and decide for yourself whether there is actual fire to this smoke, and those of you who rush to poo poo it away, take in mind that, this government web page was authorized by the department in charge, and has been viewed by an umpteenth number of government officials…who obviously find no problem with the state seizing control of the PC’s of people who want to take advantage of the government’s program, or at the least, just interested in seeing what it’s all about.

The TT won’t include a url link to the website in question, and for goodness sakes, if you venture there, do it on a junk pc you’re intending to throw away and then change your ISP address. This is really a troubling development, and something that you can thank your Democrat run government for. KGS

NOTE: There has to be accountability here, every US citizen should be demanding the names of those who authorized this website, those gov officials who saw it and did nothing about it, and then removed from their positions.

H/T; Vlad Tepes

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