Breaking: Carleton Terror Prof Given the Boot…….

Terror link proves embarrassing for university
part time prof. Hassan Diab given walking papers

Hassan Diab: Maybe I’ll apply for a job in the States!The way things stand right now in the US, anti-Semite murdering Hassan Diab has a good chance of getting political asylum with full tenure in a top university. What’s wrong with these people who complained about the university’s decision to drop him, why would being even lightly associated with terrorism be a badge of honor? In-freaking-credible!! KGSH/T: TINSCCarleton prof fired for alleged terror role

Bombing suspect’s firing called ‘terrible injustice’

Jul 30, 2009 04:30 AM
Louise Brown
Education Reporter

Canadian professors say they are outraged at Carleton University for the abrupt firing this week, with no warning or explanation, of a professor the French government says is responsible for the 1980 bombing of a Paris synagogue that killed four people.

Sociology professor Hassan Diab has been out on bail since March, while awaiting a January hearing on whether Canada should deport him to France, which plans to charge him with murder.

But when a judge loosened Diab’s bail conditions this week to give him more freedom of movement on the Ottawa campus, B’nai Brith Canada released a statement Tuesday condemning Carleton for employing a suspected terrorist.

Later that day, while Diab was teaching a class in introductory sociology, university officials cancelled his contract and named another lecturer to replace him.

“This shows a total disregard for the presumption of innocence until proven guilty – and of academic freedom and due process. We’ve never seen anything like this at a Canadian university,” said Jim Turk, executive director of the Canadian Association of University Teachers, which condemned Carleton’s move yesterday.

Diab, who has lived in Canada for years and taught at both Carleton and the University of Ottawa, is allowed to teach under the terms of his bail, Turk noted, because Canadian courts deemed he was neither a public danger nor a flight risk.

Diab would not speak to the Star yesterday, but he has maintained all along that the French charges are a case of mistaken identity because he has a common Lebanese name.

Carleton officials would not comment beyond the terse one-line statement this week that Diab was being replaced “in the interest of providing students with a stable, productive academic environment that is conducive to learning.”

Carleton sociology chair Peter Gose called Diab’s abrupt dismissal “appalling, a terrible injustice and fundamental breach of natural justice to terminate a contract without notice or consultation.”

A B’nai Brith statement said “Canadians should be extremely concerned that an alleged terrorist … will be teaching our youth at a leading Canadian university.”

NOTE: The Tundra Tabloids admits when it errs, this time around the picture accompanying the post turns out to have been of another Hassan Diab. An anonymous tipster/snarky commenter said the following:

“The picture you have posted of “Hassan Diab” is a totally different guy than the one accused in the Rue Copernic case. The picture is of a professor of engineering – not sociology – at the American University of Beirut. Shall I forward your web page to him and see if he would like to sue you for slander? I find it terribly ironic that in your mad dash to post a picture of the accused you have perpetrated an act of mistaken identity. This is precisely what Hassan Diab (the sociologist) claims regarding the French accusations. Keep up the good work. Maybe if you’re lucky the Hassan Diab support committee is looking to hire a press secretary.”

If indeed the original picture is not of the same guy in question, the TT then apologizes to its readers for the screw up. As for the anonymous commenter that I now call “deep throat”, your concern would be more convincing if you came across as being more interested in correcting a mistake, than in attacking the TT. But it comes with the territory, so no gripes from me. KGS

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