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Vlad Tepes: Video of Islamic Acid Bath in Pakistan…….

Vlad warns that the scene is graphic and hard to watch, the Tundra Tabloids agrees, but it’s necessary to do so. We must keep in mind the shame/honor system that thrives in Muslim lands, in part, such a deep rooted system keeps the majority of the Islamic world from joining the 21 century. KGS

Vlad: There likely is no actual law in Koran requiring acid to be poured on women who disobey, but there is a great deal in sharia on what constitutes disobedience for women and how harsh the punishment should be.

from the Danish press: h/t GOV

Right now in London is a 24-year-old Danish Muslim man in critical condition after he was attacked with acid. The police believe that the attack may be related honor because he had a relationship with a married Muslim woman.
was pouring acid in throat

Indeed, punishment with acid a known phenomenon in several predominantly Muslim countries. Among others, the Taliban in Afghanistan throws acid on schoolgirls in order to keep them away from learning, and in Pakistan are hundreds of women each year, attacked with sulfuric acid, if they do not comply with the family will and forced marriages.

TV 2 News correspondent Ulla Terkelsen has visited a women’s center for victims of sulfuric acid in Islamabad.

Here, she meets she 23 years old Naziran whose face is disfigured after an acid attack.
Nazirans man whom she had two children, died a half years ago. As it happened, she got to know his laws, that she should marry with her deceased husband’s big brother, and thus become his wife number two.

She refused Naziran and punishment, (sharia) laws, is to pour acid over her head one night when she slept in the courtyard.

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  1. Where your videos would be I just get a blank space. My Adobe Flash and Java Script is good. This happens on a few websites. What video platform do you use? Anyway, it might be just as well that I can't view another example of 'justice' from the 'religion of peace'.

  2. Sad to here that CruXsader…I'm not sure wher the problem lies, I view the vids fine.

    Anyways, thanks for the heads up on the problem. KGS

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