Scandal at Buckingham Palace: Illegal Alien in the Queens Guard…….

Trouble in the guard

Queen: You’re one of us right?

One of the Queen’s guards at Windsor Castle has been arrested for being an illegal immigrant.
The soldier concerned had even taken part in the Trooping of the Colour in front of the Royal family last month before his true identity emerged by chance, following a car crash. Originally from an African country belonging to the Commonwealth, he is believed to have joined the Army using a false name.
Once accepted in the 1st Battalion Irish Guards he was trained as a marksman and given lessons in grenade throwing, use of a rocket launcher, and using the Army radio system.

A senior military officer said: ‘This is a blunder of unparalleled proportions. For an illegal immigrant to gain membership of any Army regiment is unbelievable when you consider the potential damage an enemy could do there.

‘But to be accepted into a Guards regiment, and therefore to have such close proximity to the monarch, is nothing short of a scandal.’

Buckingham Palace officials are understood to be ‘extremely unhappy’ about the security blunder.

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