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HR Group Demanding Finland to Ponder Accepting Somali Prisoner From Guantanamo Bay…….

as Immigration Services Report
Numbers of Asylum Seekers Soar

Eh…why does Finland need a jihadi convict
from Gitmo that teaches English?

Oh it’s because they are all, so not guilty, even the ones that re-joined the Jihad after being released from Guantanamo Bay. So Repreive thinks that this particular Somali (ex)convict will add to the Finnish multicultural experience because not only are his sisters living here, he teaches English as well. Well la-di-da. TT translation:

Will Guantanamo prisoner come to Finland to be with his sisters?

STT: The human rights for prisoners organization, Reprieve, hopes that the Somali man in custody at Guantanamo Bay is given residence in Finland. Thel Turun Sanomat and Keskisuomalainen were told.

The organization deems Finland the best suitable place to live, because the man who has been imprisoned from June 2007, has three sisters living here.

According to Reprieve, the man born in 1970, has been a political activist in Somalia, but has no links with Islamic terrorist organizations. He has not been accused or convicted of anything
during his time in prison.

Reprieve’s lawyer believes that the man would do well in Finland, because he is an English language teacher.

U.S. President Barack Obama has promised to close the Guantanamo prison camp in January. Prisoner litigation and release are, however, proceeding slowly.

Finland supports the closure of Guantanamo with other EU countries, but the acceptance of prisoners has not been decided.

The way for prisoners to travel to Finland would be more easily handled through the UNHCR. That means he could get to Finland as a so-called quota refugee.

Somehow the words of this other (so called) human rights organization (Reprieve) fails to convince. They’ll tell you everything that they want you to hear, but fail to explain why this Somali was picked up in the first place. I don’t buy the explanation, and the selling point of his being an ‘English teacher’ doesn’t interest. Finnish schools have plenty of qualified teachers, why rob them from a job for the sake of a man who may be an unrepentant Jihadi terrorist? KGS

The number of asylum seekers to Finland more than doubled in the first half of this year, with many coming from Iraq and Somalia, accordng to the Finnish Immigration Service.

From January to June, some 2,680 people applied for asylum in Finland, compared to 1,030 in the same period of 2008, according to Finnish Immigration Services statistics.

Around half of the asylum seekers came from war-torn Iraq and Somalia, with 850 and 640 refugees respectively. The number of underage asylum seekers is also sharply on the rise.

But the number of applicants from Iraq has begun to slow in recent months. In May, authorities said that due to improved security, those coming from northern or southern Iraq or Baghdad would no longer be granted a residence permit unless they have individual grounds to stay. Individual reasons could include severe illness that cannot be treated in their home country.

Finland also faced soaring asylum seeker numbers last summer. The boost was partly caused by decisions in some European countries, such as Sweden, the Netherlands, Britain and Norway, to send people back to Iraq.

Finnish immigration authorities are struggling to process soaring numbers of applications, which means asylum seekers might have to wait up to two years for a decision on if they can stay.

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