Honduras Obama Administration

Honduras: Video of Zelaya Aids Stealing Millions From Central Bank Before His Removal From Office…….

Ousted Dirty Thief in Chief

Legally ousted Manuel Zelaya:

What’s your millions are my millions!

And Obama, Chavez, the Castro borthers and the UN want to see the return of the highly corrupted, Honduran constitution busting former president, Manuel Zelaya, returned to office. It’s disgusting to observe the US falling into line with the Leftist states and their corrupted international organization the UN, but that’s what’s happening.

It’s the personal view of the Tundra Tabloids that the descredited former president should be allowed to return, then promptly arrested and thrown in the clink to await trial for grand theft and subversion of the Honduran constitution. I would love to see the thieving socialist convicted on all charges and given a long jail sentence, just to see what the magic negro would say about the man he supported. Atlas has the details:

Honduras: Obama Pal and Chavez-backed Zelaya
Stole Millions of Dollars from Central Bank

ON CAMERA: Security video from the Central Bank of Honduras shows aides to President Manuel Zelaya withdrawing large sums of cash before he was overthrown. Video here.

Does Obama back anyone who ain’t a thug, a crook, or a despot? Just asking.

Zelaya planned to use the stolen millions in connection with the illegal referendum that would have given him another term (at the least). Mind you, Honduran authorities seized computers in the Presidential Palace belonging to Mel Zelaya that contained the official and certified results of the illegal constitutional referendum Zelaya wanted to conduct, but which never took place. The results of this fraudulent vote were tilted heavily in Zelaya’s favor.

3 Responses

  1. The "Magic Negro"? Illegal Alien Hussein?

    Either you have hit the sauce big time, or you have just plain lost your mind. But go on, you are highly amusing, in a pathetic sort of way!

  2. Oh my …sticks and stones… and all that. Iv'e truly been taught a lesson. thanks

  3. Cut the racist shit out! Bush was a fuck up in some cases too and he was white!

    But Barack is a piece of SHIT for not reading the Honduras Constitution! Zelaya was NOT PRESIDENT when the Courts ORDERED the Military to REMOVE the CRIMINAL DEPORTEE ZELAYA out of the country!

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