US Radio Talk Show Host Michael Savage Off the UK’s Banned List…….

“It was a blunder!”
Jacqui Smith’s ban
on Savage overturned

Jacqui Smith: First I get the boot, now this!If I were Michael Savage, or someone from the Thomas More Law Center (since they sued about this) I’d be popping a champaigne cork right now. Make no mistake, I’m not a 100% fan of Savage, but I most certainly support his right to speak his mind, and not be placed on a ban list with known terrorists and racist thugs.Britain’s incoming home secretary says
ban on radio talker’s travel to be lifted

WASHINGTON – Radio talker Michael Savage told WND he was “stunned” by the quick decision by incoming United Kingdom Home Secretary Alan Johnson to scrap his predecessor’s list of people banned from Britain – a list that included Savage along with Islamic hate preachers and terrorists. Savage had sued outgoing Home Secretary Jacqui Smith for libel for listing him, along with 15 others, as “least wanted” visitors in the country. Meanwhile, Smith’s successor, Alan Johnson, called the move a terrible blunder and told the London Daily Mail he would scrap the policy of maintaining such enemies lists. “I am stunned by this sudden sign of sanity in the UK government,” Savage told WND. “But I won’t believe it until they send a letter to me confirming it.” Savage said he also demands an apology from Smith.

CruXsader says: “The ban list is still in effect. The change is that the new Home Secretary will not publish the list from now on.”

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