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Human Rights Watch Goes to Saudi Arabia…….

Pseudo human rights org.
trashes Israel in the land of Saud

Kenneth Roth:
Soliciting funds in Saudi Arabia, goes hand in hand
with our biased agenda towards the state of Israel

These maroons who market themselves as a ‘human rights monitoring group’ show just how much they care about human rights, with their hat in hand trip to one of the worst human rights violating states on the planet. Human Rights Watch’s credibility should be undermined by their fund raising trip to Saudi Arabia, but sadly it won’t be, at least not in Europe, seeing that key European states are funding that “supposed” NGO.

The whole situation stinks, with this “supposed” non-governmental organization being on the take from European governments (who are not only pro-Arab), but also soliciting funds from the House of Saud while they rake Israel over the coals with highly ludicrous claims by a handful of traitorous IDF soldiers who have an axe to grind.

Using reports from the Leftist organization “Breaking the Silence”, (which consists of disfranchised IDF stooges for Arab propaganda), Human Rights Watch wages a campaign against the Jewish state of Israel for its defensive campaign in Gaza earlier this year, in Operation Cast Lead. A senior Israeli security official stated that the report by BS, was in fact BS, or Bull Sh*t for those of you who aren’t familiar with the letters.

The Breaking the Silence report was for the most part based on hearsay and rumor, and not facts, the senior security official said“.

The same report which I will be posting below, also states that the BS organization is receiving funds from the British, the Dutch and from the European Union. What a racket they all have going for themselves, anti-Israel states fund anti-Israel organizations for reports that they use to lambaste Israel for in the international media and in political conferences. No doubt “political analysts” from, ahem……. local Finnish think tanks, will use their material as well.

Tundraman, a TT co-contributor, informs that the Finnish state broadcaster issued a report a few days ago by its key journalist, Sanna Negus (long time TT readers are familiar with her name, she’s a Finnish activist journalist operating out of Cairo who disseminates Arab propaganda for the Finnish broadcaster), who relied heavily on the BS report.

Tundraman:I happened to hear Sanna Negus’ report in YLE this morning on the report mentioned below. She took it as 100% true, no official response to it was even mentioned, she interviewed extensively both Saul and the soldiers, said that “now, finally can their own voices be heard” and that “some of them even show their faces”. She concluded by saying that “their testimony cannot be discarded with just one sentence”.

Compare that with the news item which says that “None of the soldiers were identified, and no dates or locations were provided for the events they recount.” and you realize just how much Finnish media are willing to LIE about Israel for political purposes without anybody or anything seeming to be able to stop them.”

That’s the way it works, especially here in Finland, with hack journalists with an axe to grind, looking between their fingers at ideologically motivated reports that are highly negative of Israel (read = swallowing whole), while treating Israeli governmental sources as “suspect”.

(While Soldiers Speak Out testimonies were given by soldiers who used their full names and identified themselves, the Breaking the Silence videos were given anonymously, and soldiers’ faces were blurred.)

Europeans funding ‘Breaking the Silence’

A day after releasing a damning report on Operation Cast Lead, and amid accusations that it is operating without transparency, the group Breaking the Silence on Thursday presented The Jerusalem Post with its donor list for the year 2008, which included several European governments.

On Wednesday, Breaking the Silence released a report including testimonies from 26 unnamed soldiers who participated in the campaign and which claimed that the IDF used Gazans as human shields, improperly fired incendiary white phosphorous shells over civilian areas and used overwhelming firepower that caused needless deaths and destruction.

On Thursday, military sources and NGO Monitor – a Jerusalem-based research organization – raised suspicions regarding Breaking the Silence’s setup as a nonprofit limited company and not an amuta, or nonprofit organization. The difference is that an amuta is required by law to publicly declare the identity of its donors. A limited company is not always required to do so.

“From our work, going through the files of dozens of Israeli nonprofits, we feel that groups like this that are not listed [as an amuta] raises a lot of red flags,” said Prof. Gerald Steinberg, the head of NGO Monitor.

In response to the claims, Breaking the Silence presented the Post with its donor list for 2008. The British Embassy in Tel Aviv gave the organization NIS 226,589; the Dutch Embassy donated €19,999; and the European Union gave Breaking the Silence €43,514.

The NGO also received funding from the New Israel Fund amounting to NIS 229,949.

In 2007, Breaking the Silence received a total of NIS 500,000, and in 2008 it managed to raise NIS 1.5 million.

We have nothing to hide,” said Yehuda Shaul, one of the heads of Breaking the Silence. “We are open to complete transparency and are prepared to share this information with the public.”

Yeah riiiiiiiiight Yehuda, I remember your nonsense that you pedaled to the willingly gullible Helsingin Sanomat last December (08), it seems that you haven’t lost your nack for lying. KGS

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