Israeli/Palestinian Conflict Mahmoud Abbas Peace Plans

Abbas Prepared to Resume Peace Talks With Israel Without Preconditions…….


Except there should be no building
in settlements before we talk

Abbas is in no position to demand anything from Israel, the fact that he’s existed thus far as the Fakestinians’ PM, is due solely to Israel’s own self interest, because no one wants total chaos inside the PA. The more thornier problem for Abbas, is his relationship to the genocidal maniacs of Hamas, who would like nothing better than to see its banner flying in every corner of the disputed territories and Gaza.

But to put everything in a better perspective, both sides presently hate each other more than they hate the Jewish state of Israel. If there are any negotiations going on, it’s between these two shades of green, who are very cautious over the drafted terms of their Egyptian sponsered ceasefire, or unity government. But lets be clear, as soon as either side sees an opportunity to be rid of the other, all bets are off and the killing spree begins. KGS

Abbas: Settlement freeze a US condition

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas says he is prepared to resume peace talks with Israel without preconditions.

In an interview published Sunday with the Egyptian weekly October, the PA president insisted that a halt to construction in West Bank settlements was not a Palestinian condition, but rather a condition set by US President Barack Obama.

Abbas emphasized that in a final status agreement, he would not give up on even one inch of the West Bank, saying that the Palestinians “demand territorial continuity between the West Bank and Gaza Strip and won’t give up on the right of return.”

Over the weekend, Abbas sent a letter to Obama in which he reiterated Palestinian demands for a peace deal based on a the establishment of a Palestinian state along the June 1967 borders

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