Breaking: Swedish Minister of Immigration Says Extreme Leftist Violence Has Been Downplayed…….

Radical Communist – Neo-Fascist violence
stem from the same ideological impulse

Nyamko Sabuni:It’s about time we examine the
violent activities of radical Leftists
Thanks to Kumitonttu for the following story that first appeared in the Helsingin Sanomat, it sure was an unexpected surprise to read upon returning home from my trip to Sweden. Anyone who reads the Tundra Tabloids regularly, knows that Neo-Nazism is a classic Leftist ideology, but it sure is a jaw dropper to see a politician, at least admitting, that the classical “radical Left” has gotten a free ride by the state, where their violent nature is concerned. The government has only fixated its gaze upon the violent activities of the classical (but wrongly misnamed) Neo-Fascist Right, (they are in fact Leftists), which makes the fact that both of these violent radical sides of Socialists (international and national) hate each other, …irrelevant. But it’s about time that the Swedish state begins to look closer at the “radical Leftists”, hopefully it’ll lead to more discussion on what exactly divides, and connects these two Socialist rivals.

Kumitonttu: “Helsingin Sanomat makes a piece of news, in which the Swedish Secret Police (SÄPO) officer is interviewed as well as the minister of immigration (Nyamko Sabuni). They point out, that traditionally in Sweden, the focus and judgement from media and authorities have always been on the “extreme right wing” political movements (that is: National Socialists). The minister says it straight:”It has been the tendency, that the violent acts by the extreme leftist has been belittled by stating, that it’s the “youngsters”. “We have distanced ourselves from the far right, and not least for historical reasons. At the same time, we have romanticized and looked down upon the violence by the extreme left-wing towards influential parties in society,” said Sabuni to Swedish radio.”KGS, that is very important! The wall is cracking, for God’s sake! They are awaking to see what we’ve tried to explain to them!!!!!!!!

Perhaps indeed the wall is breaking, with more, better informed politicians making logical conclusions and daring to speak them publically, this is just one small blurb from a Swedish poltician, but what a blurb! KGS

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