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Obama to Moroccan: You’re the Vehicle to Jump Start the Arab Plan…….

Obama clearly taking Arabs’ position

Obama: Cheer up Moody!
I’ll get you that apartheid state that you’ve always wanted

He’s (Obambi) is fixated on the settlements being the obsrtuction to peace, when all along its the Arab/Muslim rejection of a Jewish state, whether you’re talking about Hamas or Fattah, there’s no difference. KGS

Obama: Build on Arab plan for Mideast peace

U.S. President Barack Obama reiterated his call for Israel and the Palestinians to fulfill their obligations toward achieving peace in a letter sent to the king of Morocco.

According to an official source, Obama wrote recently to Morocco’s King Mohammed VI that Israel must cease settlement construction and remove checkpoints in the West Bank.

Obama also urged the Palestinians to strengthen their security forces in order to fight terror more effectively. He also called on them to implement institutional reform in preparation for the creation of a Palestinian state.

“I hope Morocco will be a leader in bridging gaps between Israel and the Arab world,” said Obama in his message.

Obama also stressed that negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians could only succeed “if we can convince the parties to engage constructively.”

Obama also called for Arab states to provide financial and political support to the Palestinian Authority, and to use the framework of the Arab Peace Initiative to solve the conflict.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s refusal to accede to Obama’s demand for a complete halt to West Bank settlement construction has sparked tensions between Israel and the United States.

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