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Great men gave rise to a great nation

UPDATE: A must read over at Steven Plaut’s blog, Zionist Conspiracy, “The Fourth of July Nakba”. What would have happened if the British had acted like the Arabs after the Civil War for Independence (the misnamed Revolutionary War). Plaut: “Perhaps a large portrait of BenedictArnold should grace the offices of every “Arabist” in Foggy Bottom“.

The Fourth of July Nakba

“…Consider the following: When the War ofIndependence began, it quickly assumed the natureof a civil war. Those opposing the declaration ofstatehood fought alongside the organized armiesof their kinsmen, which invaded the territory ofthe infant state from all directions. Thefighting was bloody, and the opponents ofindependence used terrorism against thepopulation defending statehood. The country waspartitioned between the areas of the new stateand those territories still under the rule of theforeign invaders. As the fighting dragged on, theopponents of independence began a mass exodus. Inmost cases, they left because they feared theconsequences of staying on as a politicalminority ­ or because they simply opposed the newpolitical entity on principle.

In some cases,they refused to live as a religious minorityunder the rule of those practicing an alienreligion. And, in some cases, they were expelledforcibly. They fled across the frontiers, movingtheir families to live in the areas controlled bythe armies of their political kin. From there,some joined the invading forces and launchedcross-border raids and terrorist atrocities. Whenthe fighting ceased, most of the refugees who hadfled from the new state were refused permission to return.

The previous paragraph is not about thePalestinians. The events described did nottranspire in 1947-49, but rather in 1775-1781;and the refugees in question were not Arabs, butTory “loyalists” who supported the Britishagainst the American revolutionists seekingindependence. During the American War ofIndependence, large numbers of loyalist refugeesfled the new country. Estimates of the numbersvary, but perhaps 100,000 refugees left or wereexpelled ­ a very significant number given thesparse population of the 13 colonies.

While there are many differences, there are alsomany similarities between the plight of thePalestinians and that of the Tory refugees duringthe first years of American independence. Theadvocates of Palestinian refugee rights, are infact clearly in the same political bed as wereKing George’s allies, who fought against America democracy and independence.

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