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Honduras to OAS: Former President Zelaya Legally Removed…….

Obama wants Chavez
wannabe to be reinstated

Honduran interim FM Enrique Ortez:
Zelaya had been removed in a legal process
so get bent.

While the Organization of American States (and with Obama’s tacit approval) are busy issuing warnings and ultimatums to Honduras’ new government, “either reinstall the potential dictator or risk being kicked out of the OAS”, a new light is being shown on the former president’s (and by default Hugo Chavez’s) drug activities.

The US DEA is neither confirming nor denying that deposed former president and Chavez buddy socialist, Manuel Zelaya, was the target of an ongoing DEA investigation for his involvement in the trafficking of drugs into the United States. That tells the Tundra Tabloids that there is something to the claims, otherwise the DEA would have categorically rejected them.

So if this turns out to be the case, which the TT believes will be the case, US president B.Hussein is defending a drug war lord, as well as an aspiring dictator in the Chavez Fascist model. The TT hopes that the new, and legal government of Honduras resists the OAS’ and Obama’s calls to re-instate Zelaya. KGS

Honduras rulers reject world pressure to reverse coup

TEGUCIGALPA (Al-Reuters) – The Honduran interim government defied international pressure on Wednesday and vowed there was “no chance at all” of ousted President Manuel Zelaya returning to office.

World leaders from U.S. President Barack Obama to Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez have told the new rulers of the Central American country to restore Zelaya, a leftist who was toppled by the army on Sunday and sent into exile after a dispute over presidential term limits.

The Organization of American States gave Honduras an ultimatum early on Wednesday to allow Zelaya back into office by this weekend or face suspension.

But the interim government’s response indicated there was little immediate hope of a negotiated solution to the crisis in Honduras, an impoverished coffee and textile producer.

Enrique Ortez, interim foreign minister, said Zelaya would be arrested if he came home and that the interim authorities were sure Zelaya had been removed in a legal process.

“We are not negotiating national sovereignty or the presidency,” he told Reuters in an interview. “There is no chance at all” of Zelaya coming back to power.

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  1. Enrique Ortez Colindres is a friend of my family.

    He is a great man, a stuanch anti communist, former ambassador to France and the UN.

    Thanks for supporting true democracy in Honduras against the march to tyranny, as exemplified by Chavez school boy, Zelaya.

  2. Is it not true that the Honduran constitution, which contains 375 articles, can be amended by a two-thirds majority vote in congress? However, there are eight “firm articles” which cannot be amended. These include presidential term limits, system of government that is permitted and process of presidential succession. Since the president has the ability to amend the remaining 368 provisions by means of a congressional majority, some have called into question what the president’s true intentions may be.

    This seems to be a thinly disguised attempt to grab power through a Chavez-type populist putsch.

  3. Thanks Carlos, It's an honor to support freedom lovers around the world, and those who are standing up for the 2/3 of the Honduran gov't, deserve all of our support. Viv la Honduras democracy.

    Vigilante, I am most certain that you're correct, Zelaya is nothing more than a Lefty power grabber…like all Lefty power grabbers before him, including Hitler and Lenin.

  4. KGS, go back to school. This time open some books. Hitler was a nationalist. (like you.) Not a socialist.

  5. Vigilante, I will have to tell you todo the same:

    "In April 1945, when Adolf Hitler died by his own hand in the rubble of Berlin, nobody was much interested in what he had once believed. That was to be expected. War is no time for reflection, and what Hitler had done was so shattering, and so widely known through images of naked bodies piled high in mass graves, that little or no attention could readily be paid to National Socialism as an idea. It was hard to think of it as an idea at all. Hitler, who had once looked a crank or a clown, was exposed as the leader of a gang of thugs, and the world was content to know no more than that.

    Half a century on, there is much to be said. Even thuggery can have its reasons, and the materials that have newly appeared, though they may not transform judgement, undoubtedly enrich and deepen it. Confidants of Hitler. such as the late Albert Speer, have published their reminiscences; his wartime table-talk is a book; early revelations like Hermann Rauschning's Hitler Speaks of 1939 have been validated by painstaking research, and the notes of dead Nazis like Otto Wagener have been edited, along with a full text of Goebbels's diary.

    It is now clear beyond all reasonable doubt that Hitler and his associates believed they were socialists, and that others, including democratic socialists, thought so too. The title of National Socialism was not hypocritical. The evidence before 1945 was more private than public, which is perhaps significant in itself. In public Hitler was always anti-Marxist, and in an age in which the Soviet Union was the only socialist state on earth, and with anti-Bolshevism a large part of his popular appeal, he may have been understandably reluctant to speak openly of his sources. His megalomania, in any case, would have prevented him from calling himself anyone's disciple. That led to an odd and paradoxical alliance between modern historians and the mind of a dead dictator. Many recent analysts have fastidiously refused to study the mind of Hitler; and they accept, as unquestioningly as many Nazis did in the 1930s, the slogan "Crusade against Marxism" as a summary of his views. An age in which fascism has become a term of abuse is unlikely to analyse it profoundly."

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