Honduran Army Obeys Supreme Court to Arrest President For Being in Violation of Constitution …….

Obama craps on Honduran democracy
supports Mel Zelaya’s power grab
and sides with Hugo Chavez

B.Hussein Obambi: I just sent a warning shot
across the bow of my own governmentMake no mistake about this folks, it’s not a military coup de tat. What Obama and his administration is doing in regards to the Honduran political crisis, should send shivers up the spine of every American. The US should be standing solidly behind the actions of the Honduran Supreme Court and its Congress, in its arrest of Mel Zelaya, the former president of Honduras.Zelaya went against the law of the land in trying to engineer a vote that would illegally allow him to rewrite the Honduran constitution to his own liking, in a move that mimics the deeds of the Fascist dictator of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez. Obama’s support of the former Honduran president, craps on the democracy of Honduras, throwing sh*t into the face of its Supreme Court and Congress that are in fact, defending Honduran democracy.Shame on B.Hussein Obama and Hillary Clinton for not defending the LEGAL move by the other two branches of the Honduran government, the Supreme Court and Congress, in their arrest of Zelaya. The only thing they did wrong, was not to keep him in an Honduran jail to face charges of conspiracy against the Honduran constitution, something of which is totally lost on the present US administration. KGS

Honduras Defends Its Democracy

Hugo Chávez’s coalition-building efforts suffered a setback yesterday when the Honduran military sent its president packing for abusing the nation’s constitution.It seems that President Mel Zelaya miscalculated when he tried to emulate the success of his good friend Hugo in reshaping the Honduran Constitution to his liking.But Honduras is not out of the Venezuelan woods yet. Yesterday the Central American country was being pressured to restore the authoritarian Mr. Zelaya by the likes of Fidel Castro, Daniel Ortega, Hillary Clinton and, of course, Hugo himself. The Organization of American States, having ignored Mr. Zelaya’s abuses, also wants him back in power. It will be a miracle if Honduran patriots can hold their ground.That Mr. Zelaya acted as if he were above the law, there is no doubt. While Honduran law allows for a constitutional rewrite, the power to open that door does not lie with the president. A constituent assembly can only be called through a national referendum approved by its Congress.

But Mr. Zelaya declared the vote on his own and had Mr. Chávez ship him the necessary ballots from Venezuela. The Supreme Court ruled his referendum unconstitutional, and it instructed the military not to carry out the logistics of the vote as it normally would do.

The top military commander, Gen. Romeo Vásquez Velásquez, told the president that he would have to comply. Mr. Zelaya promptly fired him. The Supreme Court ordered him reinstated. Mr. Zelaya refused.

Calculating that some critical mass of Hondurans would take his side, the president decided he would run the referendum himself. So on Thursday he led a mob that broke into the military installation where the ballots from Venezuela were being stored and then had his supporters distribute them in defiance of the Supreme Court’s order.

The attorney general had already made clear that the referendum was illegal, and he further announced that he would prosecute anyone involved in carrying it out. Yesterday, Mr. Zelaya was arrested by the military and is now in exile in Costa Rica.

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