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Islam Sucked the Culture Out of Africa…….

Where ever it washes ashore, the
host culture sooner or later perishes

A doomed culture if Islam touches it

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The trouble with Black Muslims

Even Obama cannot say it. But someone has to say it.

We cannot be talking about this season of hate without mentioning the steep decline into actionable hate by misguided black Muslims.

The first time I met a black Muslim in America was in the 90s. I had just arrived from England and this man wearing a bow tie and three-piece-suit approached me with a copy of the Final Call newspaper – the official mouthpiece of Louis Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam. He wanted me to buy the newspaper but I resisted. He told me it was the bestselling newspaper in America. I told him I was new in America but I was sure the Final Call could not be the bestselling newspaper in America.

“You’ve been brainwashed,” the man said to me.
“By whom?” I asked.
“By the blue-eyed white devils who run the world.”
“O’ yeah.”
“They don’t want you to know the truth.”
“Like what?”
“Like all the great things our forefathers did.”
“Like what?”
“Bro, you have to open your eyes. We have to get on with the program of our forefathers.” “And what is that program?”
That was how we began a discussion about the world and the place of the black man in it.
“Why are you a Muslim?” I asked him at one point.
“Because my people were Muslims before the blue-eyed white devils bought us and brought us to America as slaves and forced us to be Christians and to worship a blue-eyed Christ.”
“O’ yeah.”
“But I am from Africa and my grandfather was never a Muslim nor was he a Christian.”
He was shocked when I said that.

“It is OK if you want to be a Muslim and follow Elijah Muhammed and changed your name to Muhammed, too. But don’t tell me you are trying to be like your forefathers,” I said. […]

Some of these people are carrying their misguided and misrepresented history and anger out in the open and are even planning to act on them. It concerns me. And it should concern you, too.

First of all, I came from a country where there are Muslims. Those who have Arabic features assume superior position over those who are black. In many instances, the black Muslims are totally disregarded, treated as inconsequential.

I have asked black Muslims mad at how white people treated black slaves to ask themselves were the millions of slaves the Arab world took from Africa were? They disappeared. They were used and disposed of. If not, the Arab world would be booming with its own share of black men and women.

I have asked black Muslims mad at the “war” between the West and Islam to look at the genocide in Darfur and find out how Muslims treat their black brothers and sisters.

In Africa, the homeland of all black people, Islam came from the Middle East and Christianity came from Europe and they all exerted inordinate damage. But where Islam touched, there is no recognition of the ways of life of the people. Islam, being a way of life, swallowed all that was African in the people.

All black people must think before they jump from frying pan to fire. And before you pick up arms to fight for those Talibans dying in Afghanistan, spare a minute for two million children who die of malaria each year in Sub-Saharan Africa. Those are your people. For real!

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  1. There are many excellent essays and documentaries on the plight of black Africans at the hands of Muslims and Arabs. I would hope that people familiarize themselves with the evident facts.
    We live in an age where education and media have become so politicized that these institutions literally cannot afford to tell the truth anymore. How this happened is interesting in and of itself but for the moment suffice it to say that we the people must use the growing capacity of the internet to connect with each other to create a new kind of school. One where facts and reason may still prevail even if those things brought to light are inconvenient and at times offensive to what sacred cows all of us may have.
    The cost of not doing so at this time is unthinkable.

    Remember, the great library at Alexandria was burned down by Muslims as have many great institutions of learning and repositories of knowledge. The internet is not immune to destruction or regulation to the point where its tantamount to another state run TV.

    This slice of time is an opportunity. Use it, or lose it.

    Sorry to be so didactic but I move from concerned to afraid.

    Eeyore for Vladtepesblog

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