The Mullah Pimps of Tehran…….

Rewards of the Iranian Revolution!
Vlad Tepes offers the Tundra Tabloids the following vid, and remember, this is the same regime beating and bludgeoning protestors in the streets of Iran, who want a softer Islam. The TT does not hold out any hope that Mir Mousavi is any kind of reformer, because he isn’t, and never will be, but many of the people risking life and limb in Iran’s streets so think so. These are the people the TT is saluting. KGS

VT: “Here is a documentary made by an expat Iranian showing how the revolution in Iran far from liberating the women who demonstrated against the Shaw for more freedom in fact, forced many of them into prostitution. This is a good time to watch this film given events in Iran”:

Link: Epitaph  Utopia

NOTE: Atlas Shrugs has been doing a lioness’ job at live blogging the Iranian revolt, please check out her material for the full scoop, she’s done an enormous job and every Iranian struggling for freedom should be thankful that Pamela is on their side. UPDATE: Debbie Schlussel offers a valuable point to keep in the back of one’s mind while viewing the events unfolding inside Iran. While the TT holds the view that not all of those protesting are in fact supporters of Mousavi, many are, which means that they are sharia loving whack jobs who are in practice, no different from the loon Mullahs that currently run the stinking state called Iran.That said, there are indeed other protesters who are using the situation to try and get rid of that rotten system imposed upon them by the ruling Mullacracy. Some of that number are in fact pro-Western and maybe, just maybe, even not anti-Israeli/Jew, but we are talking the fringe here, not the bulk of the people roaming the streets.So the Tundra Tabloids is certainly on the side of those who identify with the West and hate sharia and are not hostile towards Israel, but it pays to be realistic over just who is in fact pretesting in the streets and braving the swinging batons and rifle bullets.

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