Hamas: Carter Proposed Way to Weasel Out of Quartet Demands…….

How do you spell weasel?

Carter: How to screw the Jews,
it’s all in my new bookWhat a hideous smile. KGSHamas: Carter proposed a way out of Quartet demands

Hamas claimed that former US president Jimmy Carter urged the movement in a meeting this week to recognize the Arab peace initiative and accept the two-state solution, and thereby bypass the Quartet conditions of forswearing terrorism, recognizing Israel and accepting previous PLO agreements with Israel. The London-based A Sharq Alawsat newspaper claimed Saturday that Carter stressed that agreeing to the proposal would be a key toward dialogue with the US and a removal of the political and economic embargoes. Hamas official in Gaza, Yahya Moussa, told the paper that Hamas representatives responded that the organization would agree to the establishment of a Palestinian state with 1967 borders, but that recognizing Israel was not even up for discussion.


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