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Norwegian Funded Palestinian ”Human Rights" Group Challenges UK Government on Israel in High Court…….

Any time groups for “human rights” and/or “peace” are mentioned in conjunction with the Arab-Israeli conflict, more often than not, they can be considered as being part of the conflict, not as a part of a peaceful solution.
These people are actually the promoters of anti-human rights and abuses when they fail to turn their attention to the side that really does inflict human rights abuse on a daily basis. One needs to look no further than the Hamas for example, and what it does on an average work day.

It’s a shame, but predictable, that these pseudo humanitarian groups have the backing of states to help clog up our courts with their frivolous charges. You need only to see their focus on Israel, –which takes steps to be as moral in its dealings with a hostile enemy as humanly possible– as proof of their insincerity, for they have yet to level (to the best of my knowledge) any similar charges against the UK government, or any other government, for the turning of a blind eye to Hamas’ brutalities, like the throwing of people off tall buildings.

These same governmants in fact, fund the Hamas through the UNRWA, making themeselves chief backers of known human rights abusers, but that never crosses their minds because that would involve taking a harsher, more critical attitutude towards these real abusers of human rights, and their humanitarian racism and anti-Israel/anti-Semitic biases won’t allow for it. Have that in mind when you read the following article. KGS

H/T: Manfred Gerstenfeld

Britain’s High Court of Justice is set to consider a charge presented by a Palestinian human rights group on Thursday accusing the UK government of failing to meet its obligations under international law following Operation Cast Lead

Representing Ramallah-based organization Al-Haq, Birmingham lawyers Public Interest Lawyers (PIL) is calling on the UK to comply with all of its obligations under international law.

“The British government has not only failed to take any effective measures in preventing Israel’s ongoing unlawful behavior, it has positively aided it by continuing to supply arms to it,” Al-Haq and PIL contend.

Calling for the British government to “fulfill its international legal obligations in respect of Israel’s actions since the launch of its devastating attack on Gaza at the end of 2008,” PIL said in statement: “In light of the terrible and ongoing suffering of the Palestinian people, Al-Haq hopes that the High Court will now act decisively to hold the UK government to its purported commitment to international law.”

Calling it a landmark case, Al-Haq accuses Israel of “a massive violation of human rights.”



The Foreign Office said it would mount a determined fight against the charges.

“The UK takes its domestic and international legal obligations very seriously, and will vigorously defend proceedings commenced by PIL on behalf of their client, the NGO Al-Haq,” a Foreign Office representative said.

“As a matter of policy, the government continue to work hard in an effort to secure peace in the Middle East. From the outset of the recent conflict it worked around the clock to achieve an immediate cease-fire. The Foreign Secretary [David Miliband] took the initiative in breaking the deadlock at the UN Security Council with a British-sponsored draft that secured UN Security Council Resolution 1860, producing a framework for ending the fighting,” the representative added.


Al-Haq’s director, Sharwan Jabarin, has been linked to the PFLP [Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine] and the Israeli Supreme Court has found that “material pointing to [Jabarin’s] involvement in the activity ofterrorist entities is concrete and reliable…,” said Prof. Gerald Steinberg, NGO Monitor’s executive director.

The court also declared that Jabarin was “apparently active as a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, in part of his hours of activity he is the director of a human rights organization and in another part he is an activist in a terroristorganization,” he said.

Steinberg accused Al-Haq of abusing the British legal system to attack Israel.

“Al-Haq’s campaign in the UK is another example of the cynical abuse of the legal system in which Israeli defense against terror is being attacked under the label of human rights. A similar case was brought by Al-Haq in the UK in 2006, and eventually dismissed by the courts, and another case is about to heard in Canada.

Indeed, Al-Haq’s funders – including Christian Aid, the Dutch and Norwegian governments and Irish Aid – share responsibility for funding this abuse of public resources and for clogging the court’s calendar with anti-Israel propaganda exercises,” Steinberg said.

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