10 Palestinian Terrorists Staged Failed Assault at the Karni Cargo Crossing on Gaza-Israel Border…….

Charging the Jews like madman Mohamed

Dead horses litter the field

The Tundra Tabloids must admit to not having heard about the attack until now, here is a video the TT has uploaded from the Israeli site. Sorry for the lack of subtitles, I hope to have them up soon, but the video footage is enough to get the picture of what they (Gaza Al-Qaida terrorists) were up to.
They took video footage of the preperations for the attack on the Karni border crossing into Gaza, for propaganda purposes. It highlights just how little the jihadis care for human life and the welfare of the people, who will in the end, suffer the consequences from the attack as the Israelis are forced to reduce traffic at the crossing.
Whether it’s Gaza Al-Qaida or Hamas, Islamic Jihad or a host of other jihadist groups working in and outside of Gaza, the ideology stays the same, kill the Jews and raise an Islamic state from the ashes of a destroyed Israel. That’s what they want, and all the usefull stooges from the West who go there to cry about how the Palestinians are suffering, only help these barbarians to believe that they actually got a chance at pulling it off. KGS

Footage of al-Qaida cell in Gaza airs

Last week some 10 gunmen staged a failed assault at the Karni cargo crossing into Gaza in which horses laden with explosives were used. At least four terrorists and a number of their horses were killed in the ensuing exchange of fire with the IDF. No soldiers were wounded.

On Tuesday, Channel 2 released footage of preparations the terrorists took prior to the failed attack, as well as images from the raid itself.

The Gazan cell belonging to the Janud Ansar Allah (Soldiers Loyal to Allah) organization, described to the Jerusalem Post by a security source as a small group linked to Iran and Hizbullah, released the tape detailing all stages of the operation, beginning with the gathering of intelligence followed by the preparation of the explosives-laden horses and concluding with the actual attack.

The narrator tells of months-long preparation ahead of the operation, entailing training that included opening fire towards the horses’ legs in order to “get them accustomed” to the activity.

The terrorists were armed with a large quantity of explosives, seen in the video.

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